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Eyebrows are the frames of our eyes, so paying attention to them is essential. To correct flaws and make the shape more defined, the eyebrow pencil is a good investment. Want to know the best brands and learn how to use this item? Then keep reading this post!

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The importance of using the right pencil

Using the right eyebrow pencil helps to enhance your face. If you have doubts about which color is the most suitable, it is worth following the recommendation of makeup artist Adriana Araújo: “choose the shade closest to the hair color. Some brands have only light, medium and dark, so if the hair is very blond or light brown, you can choose the light pencil ”.

School and dermatographic pencils have been widely used on the eyebrows, especially to make markings before micropigmentation. For day to day, however, investing in a specific pencil for that region of the face guarantees a more beautiful and natural result. “As there are pencils suitable for the eyebrow, why use pencils that were not made for them?”, Comments the expert.

The best eyebrow pencils

On the shelves and websites of pharmacies and cosmetic stores, there is no shortage of alternatives for those who want to make their eyebrows beautiful. Check options for all pockets:

1. Precisely, My Brow Pencil Benefit – $$$$$

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Precisely, My Brow Pencil has two tips: one with an ultrathin pencil and the other with a brush. The idea is to make strokes with the pencil and finish by smudging with the brush. Natural effect that lasts for 12 hours.

“The brand says that Precisely, My Brow Pencil is waterproof and promises 12 hours of duration. I didn’t use it to work out or swim, but I lightly rubbed a wet finger over my eyebrow and almost nothing came out when I dried it with the paper. In addition, it lasts for a whole day of makeup on me (it is worth mentioning that I don’t move my eyebrows). ” – Fernanda – New in Makeup

2. Goof Proof Brow Benefit – $$$$$

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Benefit is a brand well known for its quality eyebrow products, and Goof Proof Brow is no exception. Easy to use, it fills the hair in a very natural way, with good pigmentation.

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“Even those who do not know how to fill eyebrows will do very well with it, since the product comes in a beveled shape that glides well and only takes on areas that have hair.” – Karen Bachini

3. M · A · C Eyebrow Pencil Veluxe Brow Liner – $$$$

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Waterproof, Veluxe Brow Liner has a highly pigmented formula and a differentiated, almost powdery texture. A product that remains intact even on the hottest summer days, you know? Comes with a brush to finish.

“It is an eyebrow pencil like any other – at one end you have the pencil and at the other, a brush. The difference is that it has the color that I liked the most so far, it gets a little darker than the color of my eyebrow, but it is not something that bothers me, at least I can get more defined eyebrows. ” – Renata Fukuda

4. Mary Kay Retractable Eyebrow Precision Eyeliner – $$$

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Promising to be a long-lasting product, Mary Kay eyebrow pencil is designed to define the shape and fill in imperfections. Available in 3 shades of brown, from the lightest to the darkest.

“What I found cool is that it is the color of my eyebrow, it matches my skin tone, it is easy to iron and easy to find.” – Priscila Alves

5. Brow Drama Expres’SBrown Maybelline – $$

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Thicker than most eyebrow pencils, Maybelline’s Brow Drama Expres’S Brow is perfect for filling and shaping the strands. It has a wax texture and is easy to handle.

“Its texture is soft and does not create stickiness. The pencil slides easily and, if you don’t weigh too much in the amount applied, the filling is not marked. From what is said in the description, I thought that he really paints well, but the fixing power is not very high. ” – Marina Smith

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6. Eyebrow pencil Who Said, Berenice? – $$

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Easy to use, it covers small flaws in the eyebrows in a very natural way. It’s cool, because it offers shades for those with blond and red hair. In addition, it does not transfer and has a long duration.

“I thought the pencil would be dark in the eyebrow, but it was a very beautiful tone. It glides on easily, is pigmented in the right measure (does not leave much mark) and simple to apply. I really liked the color, because it was true to the hair tone. ” – Carol Sweet

7. Watercolor Natura eyebrow pencil – $$

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Available in brown, dark brown and light brown, Natura’s eyebrow pencil is well pigmented and may not look as natural. It comes with a brush on the tip so you can blend and finish the way you prefer.

“I think it is really soft, the tip wears out really fast. I found a very warm shade of brown, […] but it still worked for me. […] I found it to be good value for money, a very cool product. ” – Leila Friolando

8. Ruby Rose Eyebrow Pencil – $

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Looking for a pencil that will keep your eyebrows beautiful for a longer period? The Ruby Rose pencil is waterproof and promises to be long lasting. Good for contouring eyebrows and covering gaps with smoothness.

“He doesn’t get strong – I, at least, don’t think so. I think it looks natural. It is an eyeliner pencil, only it is waterproof. The color I use is dark C2. ” – July Sato

9. Bevel eyebrow pencil Luisance – $

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Unlike the other options presented so far, this retractable pencil from Luisance has a beveled tip, great for making details. The pencil can be used daily and does not leave a heavy appearance on the strands.

“I found the color very cool, which is not very dark. It is difficult for us to find a slightly lighter color. And I found this beveled shape very interesting. The packaging is a very nice retractable pencil. It has a smell that is not very pleasant, but it is also not very strong. ” – Tânia Zanini

10. Panvel eyeliner pencil – $

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Cheapest on the list, Panvel eyebrow pencil has an opaque finish and is available in two colors: universal and smoked. The two tones adapt to all hair and skin tones.

“Regarding durability, it is very good, I only managed to remove it with makeup remover. The tip is soft and facilitates application. And a tip is that it is always good to have the pencil pointed to draw the beginning of the eyebrow. ” – Bianca Schultz

Now that you know some of the eyebrow pencils that are available on the market, just choose which one you are going to test first!

How to make eyebrow with pencil

New to eyebrow pencil? It’s all right! The videos in the list below provide excellent tips. Follow:

How to fill the eyebrow with natural effect

The secret to correcting your eyebrows using the pencil is to keep your hand very light. So, you don’t overdo the color and guarantee a very “I was born this way” effect. Check out!

Perfect eyebrows with cheap products

Luany Cristina’s eyebrow is very thin. Still, they look amazing with makeup. Just follow a few steps – taught step by step in the video.

Eyebrows painted with dermatographic pencil

Are you curious to see what the effect of a dermatographic pencil looks like? Keila Roque shows exactly what her characteristics are and the result on her eyebrows!

Another makeup item that can be used to highlight the look is the eyebrow shade. Discover the best brands and learn how to use the products!

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