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Having the curls hydrated, shiny and without frizz, is the dream of curly hair. Therefore, many follow the saga for the ideal product, which offers a thousand and one benefits to the wires. So, if you are looking for these powerful products to comb and take care of your locks, check out this list of cream for curly hair, recommended by bloggers.

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1. Perfect Curls Combing Cream, by Monange – $

This first option of cream for curly hair is also known as “Orange Monange”. It was formulated with Quinoa Advanced Technology and Hydra Absolut, which promises to nourish and hydrate even the second layer of your hair fiber. According to the brand, you will have more defined, hydrated and flexible curls.

“The cream surprised me, as it left my hair well defined and shiny. It is a cream of thick consistency, but of light concentration and, therefore, does not weigh. ” – Ana Lídia Lopes

2. Divino Potão – 2 in 1 – Combing Cream + Moisturizing Cream, by Skala – $$

This cream has the function of cream and hydration. It is perfect for hair in hair transition and is 100% vegan, that is, it has no animal ingredients in its composition. In addition, the product has castor oil, argan oil, vegetable collagen and vegetable keratin and can still be used easily by people who use the no / low poo technique.

“This is a very versatile cream, very light, fluid and yields a lot. This is a positive point, as it has 1 kg and is affordable, great for those who want to save some money. ” – Jessica Dantas

3. Silk Combing Cream By Gabi Oliveira Crespoforce, da Seda – $$

The combing cream By Gabi Oliveira is a Seda launch for curly hair that needs special care. It nourishes and moisturizes, bringing a good smell and natural volume to the hair. In addition, the product can be used on children who want to rock from an early age. It is worth mentioning that you can try the shampoo and conditioner of the line to have a more expressive result.

“I really liked the result, it has the characteristics that I like, which is lighter hair, with balance, a lot of volume and keeps my curvature sharp. The hair was very soft and the smell is wonderful. ” – Tô de Crespa

4. Combing Cream #todecacho Crespo Divino, by Salon Line – $$$

The curly hair cream “Tô de cacho” Crespo Divino on the Salon Line has already won the hearts of many curly women. It helps the hair to look hydrated, tidy and has its formula free of sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum and parabens. Hair type 2A to type 4C can make use of this line, which meets the expectations of all types of curls.

“This cream is a little more full-bodied, aimed at thicker hair, which needs more products. Great for definition and leave the look of curls of dreams. ” – Sarah Oliveira

5. Combing Cream #todecacho Mãe e Filha, by Salon Line – $$$

The cream for curly hair is released, has no sulfate, paraffin and mineral oils and is suitable for all types of curls. It is hypoallergenic, vegan and perfect for making children’s curls lighter. In fact, mother and daughter can use this cream smoothly and have incredible results.

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“This is a very light cream, but it defines a lot. He doesn’t weigh much and still left a volume with defined tips, which I love. The result was incredible. ” – Juliana Louise

6. Novex Cinema Curls Combing Cream – $$$$

Novex conditioning cream is perfect for dry hair and for those who do it in poo and low poo, as it is released. It has a delicious smell and in its composition there is a mix of coconut, olive, sunflower, linseed, macadamia and olive oil oils, an ingredient that all curly hair loves. In addition to the cream for curly hair, also try the shampoo, conditioner of the line.

“I use this cream when my hair is a little more dry and needs a good finish. I enjoyed it a lot, because it is very consistent and has a lot of oils in the composition, it nourished my hair a lot, gave it shine and defined a lot. ” – Ana Lídia Lopes

7. Silk Boom Definition Combing Cream – $$$$

Seda launched this product to make life easier for curly women who have a busy life and need good products to take care of their locks. The cream for curly hair promises to leave the hair with volume, hydrated and super defined, perfect for making hair. Incidentally, it can be found in the mini version and in the 1kg pot.

“I think that the cream fulfills the definition function and the smell is very good. Another point I liked was the way the hair looks in Day After. The hair remained defined for a while. ” – Vandressa Ribeiro

8. Miracle! Combing Cream by Lola Cosmetics – $$$$$

The miracle! is one of the darlings of the curly and curly people who love Lola Cosmetics products. It helps to untangle the strands and leave them looking light, hydrated and with intense shine if used continuously. The formula is not oily, perfect for daily treatment.

“This product is a good investment, my hair was beautiful and very loose, in addition to enhancing the shine. In my hair, every product that has Shea butter works. ” – Jacy July

9. Creoula – Combing Cream, by Lola Cosmetics – $$$$$

Another cream for curly hair so beloved is Creoula, also from Lola Cosmetics. It was one of the first products launched by the brand and does not have animal ingredients in its formula. Creoula is still perfect for dry hair, in transition, curly and curly, that is, it serves a significant portion of people.

“If you have hair that is very embarrassing, this entire line can be very good for you. This product is very easy to use, very emollient, spreads well on the hair and provides definition and volume. I liked him a lot.” – Mari Morena

10. Crespos Combing Cream Combed by Curls, by Pantene – $$$$$

We reached the end of this list with a surprise from Pantene, which is this specific line for curly hair. The cream is considered very light, perfect for fine curls and requires special care. It is great for low poo and pleases curly and wavy hair, especially on Day After.

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“The cream is great for revitalizing hair at Day After. The other products in the line, on the other hand, make the threads more structured and firm, in addition to providing shine and a soft feeling. ” – Débora Luz

It is worth mentioning that these creams can be found in cosmetic stores or purchased over the internet. Now that you know the products most loved by digital influencers, get to know this hydration list for curly hair and learn how to enhance the beauty of your hair.

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