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By Iara Avelino

On 06.03.21

The menstrual collector arrived to make life easier for many women during the flow and to help reduce the amount of waste produced. But menstrual collector folds can be difficult for those just starting out. So, get to know 10 popular folds:

Types of folds for menstrual collector

The creases can make a difference for those who are starting to use the menstrual cup. So know 10 folds and experiment until you find the perfect fold for you.

  • C-fold: the most popular of the menstrual collector folds. It’s the simplest. Just make a fold imitating the letter C.
  • E-fold: the fold is similar to the fold in C, but here you’re going to make an extra fold, forming the letter E.
  • S-fold: it’s very simple, just form an S with the collector, doing the opposite of the C-fold.
  • Snail: this fold will greatly reduce the size of the collector. Just squeeze it and roll it inside.
  • Fold 7: for this fold, just join the top end with the bottom on the side, so it will form a number 7.
  • Double 7 Fold: also called a tulip fold, you’ll repeat fold 7, but making it symmetrically on both sides.
  • Diamond: a more difficult fold to make, but very popular. Simply place the collector in front of you, vertically, pull a portion of the nozzle towards you and bend the sides, forming a diamond.
  • Half diamond: the idea is to further reduce the size of the collector. To do this, just repeat the last step of the diamond fold.
  • Origami: a very famous collector fold. Push the edge in the center of the collector until you reach the opposite fold, after that, fold the leftovers one over the other.
  • Lip Fold: use your fingers like tweezers and squeeze the catch, holding a piece of edge outward. Then wrap that piece, closing it.

These folds are just a few of which you can opt for using the menstrual collector. It is important to understand your needs and your body when choosing and using the fold.

How to choose the best type of fold for the menstrual collector

But which fold is best for you? That, the only one who can answer is you. To find out which folds are best for you, it is important to try some of them and understand what is their greatest difficulty: placing or removing the collector. Some folds make one or even both steps easier.

So, try out the folds and understand, in your adaptation period, which fold will bother less and which will be easier to handle. If the collector does not open, try trying other positions. Squat down, for example. Try out positions that make you more comfortable. Insert your index finger into the vaginal canal and feel the edges. If not, turn the stem to be able to handle the cup.

How to make folds for menstrual collector

To make this choice of folds even easier, how about checking out some tutorials and tips that will give you that helping hand?

8 folds for menstrual collector

Here, youtuber brings the main folds you should know before using the menstrual collector. She tells a little about her experience with folds.

Fold for Fleurity collector

One of the most famous collectors on the market, the Fleurity is very popular. In the video, you will learn a fold for this collector to be more comfortable, as well as tips for adapting to this brand.

Diamond fold for menstrual collector

You will learn how to make a well-known fold that may seem difficult for beginners. Press play and check more.

How to insert the menstrual collector

But it’s not just about learning to fold. It is essential that you learn to insert the manifold correctly to avoid injury and leaks. So check out the video above and learn more.

So, you learn to make the collector’s folds and learn a little more about what makes you comfortable with the item. Take the opportunity to discover absorbent panties, another alternative method that can help you during your cycle.

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