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Veganism has grown a lot in Brazil and has gained new followers. However, many people still have doubts about which products to use in their routine without animal exploitation. So, know what a vegan deodorant is, know good options to buy and also learn how to make yours at home!

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What is vegan deodorant and why use it?

Vegan deodorant is anyone who does not have ingredients of animal origin in its composition and is also not tested on animals. Another criterion for a product to be considered vegan is not to support animal exploitation in all its processes. Therefore, before buying any product, it is often necessary to go beyond the vegan seals on the label and research whether, in fact, the brand is vegan.

Using a vegan deodorant can make sense to you, even if you’re not a vegan person. Starting by cutting hygiene and beauty products that are tested on animals or that have animal derivatives in their composition already makes a big difference.

Many vegan deodorants are natural, but not all. It may be interesting for you to choose to use more natural products, without aluminum and other compounds, but it is not a rule. There are several types of vegan deodorant on the market and, if possible, it is worth considering and thinking about the animal cause – and also your well-being, if you choose a natural one.

The best vegan deodorants

For those looking for a vegan deodorant with the convenience of buying ready, you can find good options. There are products of all prices, formats and with different formulations. Check it out below:

1. Skala deodorant – $

Among the vegan brands, Skala stands out for its affordable value and for being easy to find. The brand deodorant comes at the top of the list for having a good price, for being found in much of the country with ease and also for its durability.

“It is an extremely affordable product, it is easy to find, you find it in supermarkets, pharmacies and perfumeries. It is a very democratic product. […] I took the test and it lasts 24 hours without any problems! ” – Diana Quintino

2. Davene Deodorant – $

Davene is also a good brand option with an affordable price and easy to find in pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarkets. In addition to the roll-on version, it also has an aerosol option.

“In addition to roll-on, they all have an aerosol option as well. […] It is a very easy product to find and the fragrance is super smooth. ” – Diana Quintino

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3. Giovanna Baby aerosol deodorant – $

For those who do not give up the aerosol, the Giovanna Baby deodorant is a good option. The brand has several fragrance options, all very striking, and is easy to find, in addition to having a good price. Deodorants also have roll-on versions.

“For aerosol personnel it is an option. […] I think it holds well for 8 hours and has a strong smell, for those who like it. It’s very dry and easy to find. ” – Diana Quintino

4. Boni Natural spray deodorant – $$

The Boni Natural brand produces only natural products. This deodorant promises 24h protection against odors, without stopping perspiration. It is free of aluminum, parabens and triclosan. The antiseptic action is carried out by essential oils.

“It is a great option of natural deodorant, friendly to animals and that does not have such a high cost. […] Just two sprays in each armpit will protect you for a long time. ” – Fabi out there

5. Live Aloe spray deodorant – $$

The brand has two options of deodorants with different essential oils – research on each one to decide which one is best. The aloe vera gel is abundant in the composition and, therefore, the product keeps the armpits hydrated.

“Their main ingredient is aloe vera gel and each one has specific essential oils. […] I love them both and, because it contains aloe vera, it makes the armpit very hydrated. ” – Patrícia de Michelis

6. Unevie deodorant stick – $$$

Who has a problem with excessive sweating and odor, often does not adapt well to natural deodorants. However, this option from Unevie presents good evaluations on this aspect and is 100% natural, besides being aluminum free. Its stick format yields a lot and the cost-benefit is worth it.

“It has no aluminum and has several essential and vegetable oils. […] He holds the scent very, very well. I can sweat smellingly. I use it a lot to go to the gym. It lasts around 3 months. ” – Burger

7. Deodorant spray aloe vera Captive – $$$

It is a vegan and natural deodorant option to be considered by those who have excessive sweating. In addition, it is also indicated for sensitive skin, for having a calming and regenerating action. The smell is well evaluated.

“Its scent is very herbal, but very soft, not at all nauseous, from the combination of sage with ylang ylang. It dried me fast, which is already a very positive point, and it did not stain my clothes. ” – Yumi

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8. Crystal Stone Deodorant – $$$

It is made with a potassium alum crystal, a naturally astringent and antiseptic compound. It has a 40 g version that lasts between 6 and 11 months – ideal for those who want to test this type of stone deodorant.

“I’ve been using it for 4 months and it’s still whole! Surreal, incredible durability. […] It is made from a type of aluminum that does no harm to the body like aluminum from antiperspirants. ” – Lu Ferreira

9. OSMA natural stone deodorant – $$$$

The price of this product may scare you, but it is worth it, as it can last for more than a year. It is also made with potassium alum and therefore does not block perspiration. Another well-reviewed brand option for you to test.

“This crystal worked very well for me. Of all the times I used it, it seemed like it was never going to end, it felt like I wasn’t ‘passing’ anything. He’s one of the best I’ve ever used. ” – Karen Bachini

10. Lavanilla Stick Deodorant – $$$$

This is not a very affordable option, but it can be considered for its characteristics. It has technology to defend against odors, without drying the skin and with natural components. It is free of aluminum, parabens and petroleum products.

“He has a formula that was awarded as the best deodorant. I think he’s very good, he does a good job of camouflaging the scent. And that is a legal option. ” – Karen Bachini

There are several options for vegan deodorant in all price ranges and compositions. Evaluate the options and choose yours!

How to make homemade vegan deodorant

An alternative to industrialized deodorants is to make yours at home. So, you get a natural product and save too. Check out recipes below!

Magnesia milk spray deodorant

This deodorant is very simple to make. You will need milk of magnesia, water and an essential oil of your choice. To store, you can reuse a spray bottle you already have at home.

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Creamy deodorant with coconut oil

For this recipe, you will need cornstarch, vegetable butter of your choice, coconut oil and baking soda. You can also use essential oils if you wish. Watch the video to see the preparation!

Creamy deodorant of magnesia milk and coconut oil

Another option of deodorant with milk of magnesia, but it also takes coconut oil. This oil helps to keep the armpit skin nourished and also leaves the texture of the deodorant ideal for use as a roll-on. Watch the video to prepare!

Creamy lemongrass deodorant

To make this deodorant, you will need coconut oil, carnauba wax, baking soda, shea butter, baking soda and lemongrass essential oil. The preparation is carried out in the water bath. Check out the video to learn!

There are many ways to use a vegan deodorant. You can buy or prepare yours at home: choose the one that is best for you. And if you’re interested in veganism, also check out vegan makeup tips and find out about it!

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