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Do you want to start a cheap skincare routine, but don’t know where to start? Currently, it is possible to find good brands for all skin types that meet the most diverse consumer profiles and pockets. So, check here a list that we have separated with great products that can be found easily.

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1. Deep Clean Facial Soap, from Neutrogena- $

The first indication for assembling your cheap skincare kit is Neutrogena Deep Clean Soap. The product is indicated for oily skin and that have pimples and blackheads. It cleans pores deeply, eliminates oil and impurities from the skin, in addition to fighting acne-causing bacteria. In fact, you can still find it in bar and liquid versions.

“It makes the skin look very good, clean and smooth. It did not dry my skin at any time and did not cause any “peeling”. […] treats oiliness and even removes impurities from the skin ”- Vanessa Nunes

2. Nupill Vitamin C Facial Liquid Soap – $

Another cheap skincare option for oily skin is Nupil liquid soap. The product has ingredients that remove dirt from the skin, helping to reduce oil without drying out. It also leaves the skin soft, with a feeling of smoothness and can be used to remove makeup.

“The first thing that caught my attention on the pharmacy shelf was the beautiful packaging. In addition, it makes a lot of foam and gives a feeling of freshness when using it. The price is also very good for the quantity. ” – Beauty Questions

3. Nivea’s Astringent Facial Tonic – $$

Nívea’s astringent tonic has the function of toning the skin and leaving it dull and with a dry touch. This product also reduces makeup and impurities that remain on the skin due to pollution. This is because it has in its formula the extract of marine waters, which controls the production of sebum.

“This product controls the shine and leaves a more dry look, with a refreshing touch on the skin. The product is suitable for combination to oily skin. ” – Joyce Vignochi

4. Biphasic 5 in 1 Micellar Water, by L’Oréal Paris – $$

This is another product that helps in cleaning the skin and promises to leave it with a pleasant appearance. Its performance is 5 in 1, that is, the micellar water fulfills the function of cleaning, demaquilar, smooth, purify and rebalance. In addition, it helps to reduce wrinkles, lighten dark spots on the face and prevent skin aging.

“This is the best type of makeup remover I’ve ever used. It does not dry out my skin, it doesn’t let it tug and it cleans well. I am passionate about L’Oréal’s micellar water. ” – Gabi Vasconcellos

5. Nivea Facial Cream – Nivea – $$$

The nivea antisignal cream is a cheap product found in most pharmacies, which proposes to leave the skin firmer, smelling and hydrated. It is part of a line with other products and has ingredients such as Vitamin E, glycerin and Shea Butter. However, to be more effective, it is necessary to use it every day in the morning and night.

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“This cream is a skin firmer, has intense hydration and UVB protection, with a light formula. Besides, it spreads very easily. ” – Bruna Lima

6. Vegan Dry Touch Facial Moisturizer by Needs – $$$

Like other Needs skin care products, the moisturizer is affordable, easy to find and has a good quality. This is a vegan product, with fast absorption, focused on oily skins and that provides a dry and hydrated touch. In addition, smell is one of the main positive points of the brand.

“Its texture is smooth, as it is a cream gel and is easy to spread. It makes the skin drier, but it has an intense smell. ” – Beauty Questions

7. Hidrabene Anti-aging and Anti-Pollution Cream – $$$$

Hidrabene’s anti-pollution cream helps to reduce skin aging and sagging. It has vitamin C and other actives that protect the skin from city pollution and act on the skin, promoting lightness, luminosity and firmness. It is worth mentioning that this is a hypoallergenic product and dermatologically tested.

“The best cost benefit and that I recommend a lot. It is very good for all skin types and is a wildcard moisturizer. In addition, its composition is very reliable. ” – Monalisa Nunes

8. Neutrogena Purified Skin Facial Scrub – $$$$

Purified Skin Scrub is another product with good effectiveness and perfect for cheap skincare. It promises to unclog pores, purify and cleanse the skin, without harming or drying out. In addition to this product, the line also has liquid soap, micellar tissue make-up remover.

“I consider this scrub incredible, as it really does what it promises. It unclogs pores and reduces skin oiliness. The texture is gel and refreshes the skin. ” – Joyce Vignochi

9. Nivea Dry Touch Antiseptic Sunscreen – $$$$$

This product from Nivea Sun meets the expectations of those who use it and has a dry touch and velvety texture, perfect for those with oily skin. The product leaves the skin soft, not sticky and can be found in several pharmacies and cosmetic stores. Finally, it is available in factors 30 and 60.

“The packaging is very compact and the texture is slightly creamy. The fragrance is differentiated and it can be applied before makeup. ” – Beauty Tour

10. Anasol SPF 50 – $$$$$

Anasol sunscreen, on the other hand, is one of the most affordable on the market for making cheap skincare. It has a substance that helps to reduce the oiliness of the skin, providing the sensation of dry touch. In addition, the product has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which moisturizes and reduces the spots caused by the action of the sun.

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“This is a brand that I prescribe a lot for my patients. This product is great for oily skin and has a dry feel, in addition to the affordable price. ” – Monalisa Nunes

Now you know how to start your self-care routine with cheap skincare products. Also find out what types of skins exist and how to take care of yours.

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