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Okay, everyone already knows that sex is good and that it should be free, fun and spontaneous. But that does not mean that we sometimes have no doubts about how to behave at the time H. Thinking about helping you have a very pleasant experience, we have prepared this list with 10 things that we women should not do in bed at the time of sex.

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Within the space of consent between partners, the main rule of sex is to have no rules. Then follow our tips on what not to do if you want to wake up the next day with a taste of “I want more”:

1. Don’t take advantage of the moment due to body insecurities


Sex should always be a time of freedom – and that also includes freedom with the body itself. Sometimes we worry a lot about minimal details (and hair removal? And the smell? And cellulite? And that stain? And that double?), But these concerns, in addition to being imposed by society (and they don’t make sense!) , only serve to prune our pleasure during sex. Keep this in mind: if the person you are dealing with does not like your body the way it is, it was not even for that person to be there.

2. Not having the initiative

From a very young age, we hear that a woman has to be sweet, well-behaved and “give herself respect” (hi? Woman must be respected ever, don’t have this give yourself respect). This makes many women feel uncomfortable about taking the initiative, both to show that they are up for sex and to propose different things. Once again: sex must be a space of freedom. The best person to have as a partner is the one with whom you are free to show what and when you feel like it. The important thing is not to be afraid to show that you are in the mood. And if the other person doesn’t want it at that time, that’s fine, it’s for later – after all, when one doesn’t want to, two don’t… have sex.

3. Ignore your own wishes

For the same reason as the topic above, the woman often hides her own desires for fear of what her partner will think. Shall we make a poster? SEX MUST BE A SPACE OF FREEDOM. So, allow yourself. Be creative, accept and assume your wishes. And, at the time of sex, share it with your partner.

In fact, if you don’t feel free to talk about your wishes with the person you’re having sex with, maybe that person isn’t that cool, have you thought about that? On the other hand, it may be that your partner is wanting the same thing as you, but, out of shame, neither of you says anything. Only if you don’t say it, the other person can’t guess, so it’s always important to say what you want, what you like. Everything that is talked about is tastier.

4. Don’t chat

Taking the hook of the previous topic, we will emphasize: dialogue is VERY important in sex. Either to make clear the wants and limits, or to teach the partner how to give you pleasure. That’s right: it is important to show how your body works, your pleasure, so that the person you are relating to better understands how to act. Our bodies are different, so are our forms of pleasure. There is no manual that works for all women (not all men, of course), so talking about it is essential – in addition to helping to spice up the relationship.

5. Don’t touch yourself


Tell me, friend, how is your relationship with your PPK (your xenin, your bacurinha, your cleid)? One of the most important things to enjoy with someone else is to know how to enjoy yourself – even to be able to teach how to do it. And this is not just for when you are not accompanied: also during sex it is cool to enjoy what you know about your body with your hands or even guiding the partner on the paths of happiness.

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And, by the way, have you ever thought about trying some toys, oils and other things like that? Sometimes we don’t think about them due to some social block, but since we’re talking about freedom, it’s worth thinking about. Alone or accompanied, these resources can make all the difference when it comes to seeking pleasure.

6. Pretend orgasm

Whoever never pretended to orgasm, let him throw the first stone. Either to please the other person, or to end a transaction that it’s not that good, practically all women have already pretended they got there … when they were still a long way from the podium. The biggest problem with this is that sex must be good for everyone involved and, if you need to pretend, maybe something is missing to be nice: dialogue, lust, comfort, commitment, or whatever. Regardless of what it is, it is important to analyze and change that.

It does not mean that orgasm needs to be the goal of all sexual intercourse and that every time he needs to be hit – but pretend indicates that something is not connecting in the relationship, and indicates that it is time to have a chat with the partner. Again: everything that is talked about works better and, even if one person or the other does not climax in a sex, if the dialogue between partners is frank, this will not be a problem.

7. Forget (or let the partner forget) that the body has many erogenous zones outside the sexual organs

Many sexologists have argued: our biggest sexual organ is the skin. And the skin covers our whole body, not just the genitals (and breasts, buttocks and mouth). It is important to explore other parts of your own body and that of the other person, and to encourage your partner to do the same. This is sure to multiply – a lot! – the pleasure of the relationship.

8. Accept positions or attitudes that have not been combined

Remember the story of consent? So, it is not just to define whether sex will or will not happen, but also to define what can or cannot happen at the time of the relationship. Your body is yours, it is your domain, your territory. So, never accept that nobody does anything with him that has not been agreed, nothing that you do not like. Do not do this “to please”, not even because you feel you have an obligation, because you are the girlfriend or wife of the person you are having sex with. Nobody owns your body: the only person who rules your body is you.

9. unprotected sex

More or less in line with the topic above, don’t accept unprotected sex – especially if you don’t want it. In heterosexual sex, many men insist on not using a condom saying that it is uncomfortable or anything, but, again, you are not here to please any man. It is important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (they are not always visible) in the other person’s body) and also give the man his share of responsibility for contraception. In order to have a pleasurable sexual relationship, it is also important to ensure that it does not cause an unwanted pregnancy – and this is not just the woman’s responsibility.

Also remembering that withdrawal is not an efficient way to prevent pregnancy.

10. Anything that makes you uncomfortable


Nothing that creates any discomfort is acceptable during sex. Not at all. And that includes places, situations, positions, fetishes and any other proposal. It is not because the other person says that he wants you to have to accept. In addition, it is always good to remember that even if you have accepted, you can always go back and deny. Even if you have had sex x or y, you may not want to repeat it. Your body is yours, and you are always sovereign in making decisions about it. Again, to decorate: you are in charge of your body.

Now that you know exactly what are our tips on what not to do in bed to have a very happy and pleasurable experience, how about setting the mood with some spicy games to send via WhatsApp?

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