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The bride’s day is a very special moment that precedes the hour of yes. With the people you love, you get ready for your grand entrance while having fun and relaxing.

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Want to know how to make it even more unforgettable? Then follow these incredible tips!

What is the bride’s day?

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Finally the day came dreamed! After all the stress caused by the wedding preparations, there is nothing better – and more just – than taking time out for you before the yes.

The bride’s day is that moment you have to prepare, do your hair, makeup and all the other details that will make you look beautiful for the ceremony. But it can also be a day to enjoy with the closest women, like your mother, godmothers and friends.

The proposal here is, in addition to getting you ready for the wedding, to make you relax and have a lot of fun!

How to organize the bride’s day

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But before relaxing, you need to organize that big day. After all, all you want less is for problems and unforeseen problems to arise right at that time of relaxation. Here’s how to get organized to enjoy your day without thinking about anything else:

1. Set the location

The bride’s day does not necessarily have to be done in a beauty salon. You can choose to do it at home, in a hotel, in a SPA or even at the party, everything depends on the available budget and the mobility dynamics that you are willing to face from the chosen place to the wedding location.

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2. Prioritize your well-being

That incredible place that an acquaintance hired for her is not always ideal for you. First of all, think that this is a time to feel good, at the same time that you need to have access to all the necessary services you need. So choose one that makes you more comfortable and offers options that will help you relax and enjoy.

3. Set schedules

One point that can help you decide the location is the times. If the idea is to de-stress, nothing to choose an incredible place, but that is hours away from where your wedding will be. Here, it is also worth calculating how much time you will need to get ready so that your arrival at the event happens smoothly.

4. Choose who will go with you

There are brides who choose to spend that day alone, away from noise or conversation. However, having the people you love by your side can help overcome the typical anxiety of that day. It is worth taking only the mother, she and the mother-in-law, the friends, the sisters-in-law, the godmothers … consider the affinity you have with each of them and how many people the chosen place holds.

5. Hire good professionals

If you have a reliable hair and makeup team, do not give up their presence that day, it will help you to be more secure in this very special moment. If the professionals are from the chosen location and you do not know their work, try doing a test first and see if they meet all your expectations, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day.

6. Think about your food

Depending on the place you chose for your bride’s day, food and drinks will be served for you and your companions. Still, or even if you need to take something, give preference to light foods that you are used to eating. This greatly minimizes the chances of having any upset that can compromise your big day.

7. Record the time

Like the wedding and the party, these moments that precede it also deserve to be recorded and eternalized. For this, choose a good professional photo and image team, which can be the same that will cover your wedding.

8. Analyze the financial part

Sometimes, hiring packages can be more advantageous than services individually, in addition to being able to centralize everything in one place and, quite possibly, being able to split the total amount. At that time, leave the excitement behind, do the math and see which option is best for you.

9. Separate everything you need to take

Unless you make your bride’s day at home, everything you will need to get dressed should be brought to the venue. So make a list of all the necessary items and separate in advance. This way, you will have time to check it out before leaving home and confirm that nothing is missing.

10. Prepare for unforeseen events

As much as you have a plan, unforeseen events can happen. So be prepared for them and don’t let these little problems spoil your day of rest.

Separate remedies for headache and indigestion, a pair of more pantyhose, extra battery or cell phone charger, money, cards and everything else that can help you in case something happens out of plan.

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Do not take this preparation for the bride’s day as another step in your wedding planning. Think of that moment as the icing on the cake, that time when you can finally sit back, relax and get ready to accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of for months.

What procedures to do on the bride’s day


For that magical and special day, there are several procedures you can do to make yourself even more beautiful and peaceful. Look that:

Hair and makeup: these are definitely the high point of the day. Just be careful to test beforehand with the professionals you have hired and define what result you hope to achieve.

Manicure and pedicure: another care you can plan is to get your nails done on the big day. So, in addition to taking the time to catch up with friends, you don’t run the risk of the nail polish peeling off.

Body massage: who doesn’t like a good massage? Depending on your budget, including this service in your package can be an excellent way to be even more relaxed.

Hot tub bath: just like massage, this bath helps you relax and, depending on the products you choose, leave your skin smoother and more fragrant.

Immersion bath with petals: another bath alternative and optional service, this is also perfect for providing relaxation and well-being.

The choice of procedures must be in accordance with what you like, in addition to respecting your financial planning.

What procedures not to do on the bride’s day


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As much as the bride’s day is a time of beauty care, many procedures need to be avoided on the day. This way, you guarantee that, if the result is not what you expected, you will have time to turn the situation around.

Eyebrows: don’t make the mistake of making an eyebrow on your wedding day. The pulling of the hair leaves the region red and, depending on the method, even swollen, requiring more makeup to cover the area. Try to do them at least two days before.

Skin cleansing: the same goes for cleaning skin that can irritate your skin, cause redness and even allergy, even more if the procedure is new to you. For this service, 15 days in advance is the most advisable.

Hair removal: another process that can also cause skin irritation and compromise even your honeymoon is hair removal. For this procedure, the days in advance depend on the method used, and may range from 2 to 7 days.

Hair dye: do you want to rock even more on your wedding day and change your hair color? Perfect! But do this at least 15 days before. So, if the paint dries out your hair or the color doesn’t look as you expected, there is time to go back without any major problems.

Testing new creams: as much as you have found an incredible cream, be it hair or body, and want to use it on your big day, do a test first, as new products can cause allergies. If you use it at least a month before, you will have time to seek medical help, if necessary.

All a bride wants is for her wedding day to be perfect. So try to do everything calmly and within the right time to prevent unexpected results from compromising your plans.

Ideas and inspirations for the bride’s day

Now that you know the main points you need to consider to have an unforgettable bride’s day, how about preparing the environment to make it magical, fun, exciting and perfect for beautiful photos? These tips will inspire you. Follow!

1. The bride’s day carries the emotions of this great day

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2. And it’s time to celebrate

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3. Make sure you are surrounded by special people

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4. Like your friends

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5. Godmothers

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6. And your mother

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7. It’s a perfect occasion for a toast

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8. And to relax

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9. It’s also a good time to think about you

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10. And feel beautiful

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11. You will do the hairstyle of your dreams

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12. Put on makeup

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13. And you can also take time to review your votes

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14. Then it’s time for accessories

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15. The long-awaited dress

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16. Shoes

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17. And the latest adjustments

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18. Mother’s advice

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19. Bouquet in hand

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20. Every detail will make your bride’s day unforgettable!

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The bride’s day should be, along with your wedding, one of the most special and memorable moments of your life. Surround yourself with people you love, choose relaxing and enjoyable activities, and enjoy yourself a lot!

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