10 tips on how to spice up the relationship + videos to get in the mood



Over time, the relationship may end up falling out of routine … But don’t worry! Some attitudes can help you take the relationship out of monotony. We talked to psychologist and sexologist Keila Oliveira who gave us tips on how to spice up the relationship. Put it into practice now!

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10 tips how to spice up the relationship

Keila indicated attitudes that can help you spice up the relationship, valid for all couples, straight or homosexuals. Remember to adapt the tips to your reality and create your own dynamic. That detail makes the difference!

1. Discover the fantasies of the partnership


Find out everything your partner likes! Ask questions like: what excites you most visually, in touch and smell? Do you prefer a soft or strong touch? What would you like to hear in bed? Do you like to talk at the time of sex or do you prefer to keep quiet? Do you like moans, or when we pretend to be someone else? Repeat the questions even if you have asked them before, as over time the fantasies and sensations change. Oh, and let him or her know your wishes too!

2. Get ready for sex

Sexting is a great option! It can be by message, video, nudes, surprise gifts or erotic call in the middle of the day. It must be according to the degree of intimacy and erotic capacity of each one, if you can’t send nude or call when you are masturbating, it is worth saying that you are choosing a special outfit, a perfume, or a nice sheet. And even remember an incredible sex they had: “remember that day we were in such a place and…”

3. Create a list of erotic scenes


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a movie or an erotic tale, but a scene that excited you. Sit down with your partner and list together five erotic scenes that made you horny. This helps in arousal and makes the other person notice what excites you. Sometimes, absolutely unusual scenes come out, and that is very peculiar to each one.

4. Reproduce the scene

Did you do the previous task? Now it is your turn! Keila says that this is called “role play”. Get organized, set the stage, get everything ready. It can be a lot of fun and thought-provoking. Believe me, the experience has a lot to offer! Be free of taboos and that “nonsense” story. This prejudice is the great villain of couples’ creativity and easily leads to boredom.

5. Have sex toys


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This is a great tip on how to spice up the relationship! “Every couple should have one or more”, points out the sexologist. If you are more shy, start with the simplest and most discreet. They go to a sex shop together, preferably on an annual basis to replace those that no longer work. Even if you are not going to buy anything, look, get to know the news, sharpen your creativity, laugh together, imagine yourself doing different things.

6. Invest in spontaneous and thought-provoking situations

If the other likes the costume of a firefighter, doctor or anyone who stimulates creativity, you would have a lot of fun if one of the two came home by surprise and said: I came to put out this fire here! Does it look ridiculous? If the answer is no, it can be very fun, creative and stimulating. “I guarantee that if you are open to having fun this can be sensational”, says psychologist and sexologist Keila Oliveira.

7. Sleep tightly or tightly


Keila says that sleeping naked and close together is very nice, stimulates tactile sensations and helps to feel the pheromone (believe me, we produce, but are inhibited by so many more active substances that we use as perfumes, soaps and essences). Some couples already adopt this habit, but this does not happen for the vast majority. Do this experiment for a week and evaluate the effect.

8. Use erotic apps

Mobile apps that induce erotic play are a great option to spice up the relationship! Most of them are paid, but some are super cheap. The sexologist even makes some indications, look: Sex game (Android | iOS), Couple game (Android | iOS), Sex dice (Android | iOS), Sex roulette (Android | iOS) and Desire (Android | iOS). Install and have fun!

9. Perform seduction games without immediate sexual intent


This provokes, makes it fun, but you don’t necessarily need to go to sex! The attitude stimulates the couple’s erotic side, which helps in the dynamics of the relationship, making them more united and creative. Want an example? Do “Psycho” and when the other looks, say something softly like “I want to get you” or “You look hot today, huh?” Use and abuse it, even in front of other people, without anyone seeing it. After all, you are passionate lovers!

10. Invest in small attitudes of interest and seduction

Tease discreetly from time to time, give a hand when they meet with or without clothes, or when the other gets out of the bath, look him up and down without saying anything. How about taking advantage of that moment watching television to face your partner with a sexy air until he or she realizes it? These attitudes will put you in tune!

Putting these tips into practice you’re going to catch fire around! Remember to respect the couple’s individuality and do what they feel comfortable and willing to do. And say goodbye to the routine!

Videos on how to spice up the relationship

Follow the sequence of videos to stay on the subject and check out other tricks for a more spicy relationship! They will help you to understand different situations and open yourself to pleasant moments with those you love, as it was in times of conquest!

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The video presents ideas of what to do when your relationship is falling into the rut! New ideas, places, ways of doing… Everything for you to spice up the relationship!

Tips for sexting

Remember the tip about sexting? This is a video for you to improve the practice! Check out tips to give yourself at that moment and make the relationship much hotter! How to start, what precautions to take and more. It is worth checking!

Spicing up the relationship after the kids

Did things change there with the arrival of the children? Calm down, we’ll help you! Follow the video and understand what happens to the female body during and after pregnancy, as well as tips for sex not to fall into the routine when the little ones arrive!

Many tips on how to spice up the relationship

How about getting to know the experience of women who value a relationship full of news? Andressa Ganacin invited her friends to tell us what they do so that the relationship doesn’t fall into routine, sex and life! Look that!

See how this is not a difficult task? Just establish a communication with your loved one, put the tips into practice and enjoy a sex life full of pleasure! To make everything even more delicious, check out tips for a perfect sex at home!

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