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The makeup wipe is a practical option to remove makeup quickly. As it is a product that has been gaining considerable space in the world of beauty, it is possible to find several alternatives on the market. But which one will be the best for your skin type? Keep up with us and find out!

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What is makeup remover?

As the name says, it is a handkerchief soaked with makeup remover that usually comes in practical packaging that fits in the bag. It is a perfect product for those who have that basic laziness to remove makeup before bed, since it is very easy to apply!

What is it for?

Well, in addition to just removing makeup, the makeup wipes also ensure hydration. Some brands come with astringent, toning and even soothing formulas. What differs them from the micellar wipes and more common is, precisely, the action of removing the makeup well without harming sensitive regions, such as the eyes.

The 10 best makeup wipes on the market

Check out the makeup wipes that bloggers recommend in the list below. There is an option for every pocket!

1. Luisance makeup wipes – $

With a very smooth and tasty smell, this Luisance product is the most affordable on the list. But do not think that this is synonymous with poor quality: the brand guarantees that, in addition to giving a go there even in the heaviest make, the scarves have super powerful hydrating action!

“I loved the smell of the product! […] the packaging is very practical, the cost-benefit is very good! ” – Andy Maya

2. Ruby Rose Makeup Remover Scarf – $

Another cheap option is that of Ruby Rose, a brand known for being cruelty-free, that is, for not resorting to animal testing. The promise is to clean the deepest surfaces of the skin, moisturize and tone. Very complete, right?

“It removed all the makeup well. […] I do feel the skin is very fresh, delicious skin. ” – Francine Monteiro

3. Macrilan makeup wipes – $

With a delicious fragrance of green tea, Macrilan makeup remover scarf is famous for its soooo soft texture! In addition, because it does not contain alcohol in the formula, the product does not harm or cause redness on the skin.

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“It surprised me a lot! It has a sensational smell! […] it didn’t hurt me, it’s very soft. ” – Mary Silva Blog

4. Needs Facial Cleansing Micellar Wipes – $$

Needs tissue make-up remover is hypoallergenic, so it is well accepted in more sensitive skin. The brand guarantees that in addition to cleaning, the product also revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. Oh, and there is no need to rinse your face after application, see?

“I love, adore, I recommend! […] you can get a lot of makeup off with just a handkerchief. ” – Babi Vincenzi

5. Vult make-up wipes – $$

A very soft and wet scarf is Vult’s guarantee on this make-up remover. The product has a moisturizing and hypoallergenic formula, which results in a beautiful, healthy and damage-free skin.

“He removed ALL of my makeup! It took everything away! His skin feel is very good, he is soft. ” – Michelle Del Santo – ManiaVaidosa

6. Kissing Handkerchiefs Aloe Vera, from Kiss NY – $$$

The only one on the list with Aloe Vera in the formula is this makeup remover from Kiss NY. It comes with a larger amount of scarves than most brands (36, while the others generally have 25). The brand promises astringent action, which will leave your skin even healthier.

“What I think is the coolest thing is that even if you rub your skin, you are not sensitive. It didn’t leave my eye burning. […] I found it very smooth, and that doesn’t compromise his efficiency. ” – Lu Ferreira

7. Nivea – $$$ 3 in 1 Demaquilante Scarves

Want refreshment and vitamin E in one product? Then, the Nivea scarf make-up remover may be what you are looking for. It has 3 in 1 action, that is, it removes any makeup, deeply cleanses the skin and controls oiliness.

“He’s excellent, people! I LOVED it, really! I highly recommend it, and I will not recommend anything that I don’t like. ” – Tatiane Milani

8. L’Oréal 5 in 1 Micellar Cleaning Wipe – $$$$

The oil-free formula of this micellar tissue is capable of removing even the heaviest and most waterproof make-up. The product does not leave the skin oily or dry, and soothes the most sensitive and damaged skin.

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“It came out very well! […] it has a nice smell that doesn’t bother, and the texture is also very smooth. ” – Jessica Flores

9. Neutrogena Deep Clean Deodorant Wipes – $$$$

Neutrogena guarantees: you will remove all make-up with just a handkerchief. The product is suitable for all skin types, but mainly for oily ones, since it acts to combat oiliness with great force.

“He took everything away! […] yes the product works! Really, with a washcloth you can clean your whole face. ” – Wy Leodelgario

10. Sensibio H2O Deodorant Wipes, from Bioderma – $$$$$

The most expensive product on the list is this Bioderma makeup remover. In addition to removing makeup deeply, the product has a soothing, moisturizing and anti-oil action. It’s worth the investment, right?

“The feeling it leaves on the skin is super good, because it doesn’t dry out, but it also doesn’t leave those ‘greasy’ residues.” – Vic Ceridono

What did you think of the options above? With the indications of those who understand makeup well, there’s no mistake! And if you want more skin care tips, learn more about cleansing balm for deep cleansing.

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