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Not every woman knows how to come alone. Since childhood, we have heard that female masturbation is ugly and should be avoided. But let’s agree that this thought has nothing, shall we? That’s because, in order to have a satisfying sex life, it is essential to identify your tastes and know how to enjoy yourself. Next, check out our tips to help you right now!

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Tips on how to enjoy yourself and love yourself every day

Pleasure is all good, right? But do you know how to enjoy yourself? Do you allow yourself to discover your tastes and wants? Learning how to enjoy yourself can improve your self-esteem and your view of sex. Below, we’ve selected incredible tips that will help you in this process. Follow!

1. Free yourself from taboos


Since children, many women are taught that masturbation is a bad thing. Religion, machismo and several other factors reinforce this day after day; so the first step in learning how to enjoy yourself is to get rid of all those beliefs and understand that this is not common, but an act of self-love.

2. Know your body

If, as children, we are taught that touching is wrong, it is common to reach adulthood without a knowledge of our private parts. But it doesn’t have to continue like that, see? Our tip is that, in addition to getting rid of taboos, you take a mirror and get to know each part of the vulva: vagina, big lips, small lips, clitoris … This will make all the difference for the next tips.

3. Be in a comfortable environment


For your mind to be free to enjoy the moment, you need to ensure that you are in a comfortable environment and that there will be no interruptions. Nobody wants to be disturbed at that moment, do they? So be sure to lock your bedroom door tightly if you don’t live alone. For those who live alone, this item becomes more practical.

4. Prepare the environment

Now that you’ve made sure you’re in a comfortable environment, remember that you’re special and that this moment is just yours, okay? So, why not prepare the environment? Put on some nice music, leave the room in half light, light an aromatic candle … Let your imagination run wild according to your preferences.

5. Forget the problems


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Right now, it’s not the time to think about the bills for the month or the problem you need to solve at work, okay? If necessary, before you start touching yourself, take a few deep breaths and make sure your mind is 100% available to give in to that moment.

6. Use your imagination to your advantage

When you have a free mind to enjoy this moment, it’s time to put your imagination to work, girl! Don’t stick to taboos and let your mind guide you. Do you have any fantasies? Do you want to remember moments that were breathtaking? All of this can help. Don’t judge yourself and break free!

7. Don’t burn the start


You don’t have to go straight to the intimate area, okay? The female body has several erogenous zones. Start by giving affection and feeling every little part of your body. Remember that each part of it reacts in a different way to the touch, so experience the thousands of sensations that await you in this process until you actually start touching your intimate region.

Also, when you start touching yourself, don’t be in a hurry! As we have already said, this is a moment of self-care and love that is only yours. Make circular and lateral movements slowly, try to identify which ones you like the most and continue that way.

8. Remember the clitoris friend

Mirror, mirror of mine, what is the organ with several nerve endings and capable of giving a lot of pleasure to women? Well, we’re not in the Snow White story, but the mirror would probably respond that it’s the clitoris.

The ideal is not to start directly on it, because it is a very sensitive part. Touch yourself to other parts of the vulva and, when you feel that you are more excited, focus your attention on the clitoris that fun and pleasure are guaranteed!

9. Get extra help


You don’t need to buy a super expensive vibrator with several functions, ok? There are several models on the market and, for those who have little familiarity with them, the ones for clitoris and G-spot are great options. After all, it is not because you are learning how to enjoy yourself that you cannot have a little extra help, don’t you think?

10. Does not cover

Remember that learning how to enjoy yourself is training, okay? If you don’t succeed at first, that’s fine! Just try again. That’s because the more you practice, the easier it will be to identify what you like and what makes you relaxed to enjoy this special moment.

Also, remember: when you feel something like tingling or a very good feeling of pleasure, it’s time to step up your movements and not stop, however much you think there may be something wrong. Don’t stop your movements and treat yourself to a delicious orgasm!

Videos on how to cum alone to always feel pleasure

Now that you know some amazing tips for learning to enjoy yourself, how about watching the videos below and learn more about it?

But how do I know if I’ve ever had an orgasm?

To begin with, pelvic physiotherapist Ana Gehring explains the question of many women: how to know if I have ever had an orgasm? Ana comments that the first point to understand is that, for the woman to have orgasm and satisfaction, there need not be any liquid out. In addition, something very important is not worrying about whether or not you will enjoy it, because this makes the process difficult; so relax and enjoy the moment!

Definitive guide to female masturbation

In the video, Cátia Damasceno demystifies some taboos about female masturbation and explains about the anatomy of a vulva. With clear tips and in a relaxed way, it teaches you how you can learn to enjoy yourself, even if you have never practiced before.

Reasons to learn to cum alone

Here, you will see several reasons to have pleasure, as well as discovering why knowing and enjoying yourself improves women’s self-esteem. Watch the video and check out!

Learning to enjoy yourself is liberating, because you learn to love yourself more and it improves self-esteem. Did you like the tips in this post? Then, also accompany an amazing female orgasm guide!

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