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By Juliana Almeida

On March 4, 2001

The labret piercing has become one of the most beloved styles. The best known holes are in the lower part of the mouth, where the perforation crosses from the outside to the inside, and in the vertical labret format, in which the lower area of ​​the mouth is drilled up to half of the lip. Next, learn more about this type of piercing!

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5 questions about labret piercing answered

Duda Evangelista

To clarify some very common doubts regarding labret piercing, we consulted the body piercer Stella, who provided us with answers that can be very useful for you. Check out!

  1. How is the piercing labret pierced? Perforation of the labret is performed with an American needle or catheter, varying according to the choice of each professional. In addition, the body piercer can choose whether or not to use the support clamp in their applications.
  2. How to care for labret piercing? The care is very simple: in the region of the mouth, after brushing all meals, brushing and the use of alcohol-free oral listerine should be done. On the outside, it is necessary to clean twice a day with saline and, after cleaning, make a compress with saline. It is important to avoid oily food, not to wet the area with sea or pool water or to touch it with a dirty hand.
  3. How long does it take to heal the piercing labret? The healing process depends a lot on each organism and on the immunity of each one. However, on average, about 6 months are foreseen, if the care is done correctly.
  4. Does piercing the labret piercing hurt? Pain is very relative and varies from person to person. Some say it hurts a lot and others say it doesn’t hurt at all. It is very relative indeed!
  5. Does it hurt to kiss? In the beginning, yes! After application, it is common to be unable to kiss and it is recommended that you do not kiss at all, so as not to hinder the healing process. Over the course of a few days, it will be possible to give a little kisses.

Ready to carry out your application or still need more tips? To complement what was said by the specialist, we separated 3 videos of girls who shared their experiences with this drilling. We will see?

Experiences of those who have a labret piercing

Nothing better than a person who put the piercing labret to talk about your point of view, right? Thinking about it, in the following sequence, you will follow different reports about this beautiful application that brings so much mystery to the lips. Look at that!

All about labret piercing

Check out the whole experience of Nerissa Fonseca with her labret piercing. It will tell you about the pain, the healing process and even some cons that you discovered after putting on this piercing. Look!

Ask questions about the labret

Julia Pontes brings a video full of clarifications about labret piercing. It shows parts of the video you recorded in your application and comments on everything you need to know before you put it on.

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Answering questions about labret piercing

Find out everything you need to be prepared for the placement of the labret piercing. In this video, Jade answers a series of questions on the subject, and one of them may be yours. Check and see everything you need to know before this application.

So, all right now? Well, even if it is, we also separated a series of images of this piercing to inspire you and show you how it looks on your lips. Run to see!

15 labret piercing photos that will make you want to have one

Still not sure whether to put on your labret piercing? In this wonderful sequence of images, you will discover, once and for all, if it is this perforation that you really want. That she makes her mouth beautiful, we have no doubts, but we want to know what you think! See the inspirations:

1. It can be closed on the lip

Federica Tempera

2. You can combine it, super, with your septum piercing, if you have one!

Tania Zarco

3. The more comfortable your lip gets, the better it will be


4. So choose a jewel that fits well

Your master yuno

5. Especially in the vertical, you have to choose well!

Gih Massarott

6. And don’t worry about standards: you are the one who does your


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7. Your piercing may be less flashy


8. After all, it’s up to you to decide what your labret piercing will look like


9. And, no matter what, we know you’ll look great with him

The black spot studio

10. What really matters is to innovate the style

Maria loka studio

11. And the labret piercing does it very well

Piercer palominha

12. You can also combine it with medusa

Mumu sunink piercing

13. It can be close to the upper lip

Sheron Piercer

14. And of course, you can still use lipstick with it

Studio Rosania Morais

15. Over time, you will love your labret infinitely!

Evy body piercer

Did you take your doubts about the labret piercing? We want you to rock it wherever you go, see? If you have not yet decided which style of piercing to do, we have another beautiful idea for you to get inspired: the medusa piercing. Check it out and see if this is the model you are looking for!

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