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By Rebecca Ribeiro

On March 12, 2001

From a light brunette to the colors closest to the honey tone, the light brown curly hair enchants several women. So, if you, curly, think about leaving your locks in these tones and want to be inspired, we have separated 15 photos especially for you. Also, see how to care for curly hair with light colors like brown.

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15 powerful light brown curly hair photos to get inspired

Light brown hair is that shade that is always on the rise, mainly because that shade matches all skin. Be it natural, honey or with golden nuances, this color tends to be used a lot to revamp the look, for example. So, check out how the curly women bet and rock this tonality.

1. Light brown curly hair has an incomparable charm

Amanda Guido

2. Matches different people and styles

Leticia Luger

3. Bringing a lot of power to the look

Dailirelis Perez Lopez

4. The light brown tone has several nuances

Dayellen Pâmela

5. It can be natural brown curly hair

Victory Falcon

6. Pulling more towards the golden undertones

Raíssa Santana

7. Or merging with the darker tones

Erica Hius

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8. Light brown can be used to illuminate locks


9. Giving a complete makeover to the look


10. A grayer bottom for the strands also looks good

Lari Vieira ✨

11. However, it is the warm tones that draw the most attention

Lavinia Alves Brito

12. Light brown curly hair and earthy tones match

Ana Lídia Lopes

13. And it has the vibe of a stripped-down look too

Julia Rodrigues

14. In fact, light brown curly hair is a hit


15. So be inspired to adopt that tone


This tone has, in fact, a special place in the heart of the curly ones, because in addition to illuminating, it manages to make an incredible color game with the curls. So, do not think twice about betting on light brown, for sure you will be too surprised by this color.

Tips and care for beautiful light brown curly hair

Having healthy looking hair can be a challenge, however there are always small solutions that help a lot to take care of locks. Therefore, we have separated some tips for you to take care of your beautiful wires and keep them well cared for.

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Capillary schedule to take care of curls

Learn how to have healthier hair with a special hair care routine. Check out the tips and tricks that youtuber Ludmila Reis uses in her routine and see how to have healthy and beautiful hair at home.

Care for colored curls

If you want to have light brown curly hair and you will use coloring to achieve that color, you need to think about the pre and post care to dye the locks. Therefore, youtuber Juliana Louise, tells us a little about her experience with the paints and how she took care of the locks after the procedure.

How to have light brown hair

If your dream is to have your hair in that light brown tone, know that you can do it at home in a simple way. Nanda Chaves took a step by step on how to bleach her hair and have this amazing color in her curls.

As you have seen, care for curls is essential, but the result is very worthwhile, after all, light brown can brighten up any look. So, if you liked this shade, you will definitely want to check out other colors for curly hair and be inspired by new styles.

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