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By Rebecca Ribeiro

On May 30, 2001

Less intense and more delicate, light red hair gains many followers due to its unique style, but full of subtlety. This shade allows many women to adopt the color, in a more subtle way, instead of using bright red. And if you think that the light red is left behind in some aspect, we’ve separated 20 photos that will make you fall in love with that tone.

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20 photos of light red to see life in red

If you think red is not a color for you, know that you may not have found the right shade yet. The light red is becoming popular exactly because it is a softer color, less vibrant and that combines with the most diverse types of hair. So, check out some redheads that are natural and others that naturally adopted this incredible shade.

1. Red is the color of the moment

Laura | Vize Miss Bayern 2021

2. Perfect for those who want shiny hair

Marina Ruy Barbosa

3. In addition to giving your face a glow

Duda Reis

4. The lighter shade of red is very similar to the natural


5. That’s why he is so loved by the famous

Larissa Manoela

6. Being successful on cinema screens

Jessica Chastain

7. And also from televisions

Bryce Dallas Howard

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8. The light red definitely has a huge range of possibilities

Karen Gillan

9. This hair color also allows us to play with its shades

Karol Queiroz

10. Which tend to lean so much towards the golden


11. As for the more copper tone

๐Š ๐€ ๐‚ ๐„ ๐„ | ๐๐š๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐š๐ฅ โ„“๐ข๐ฅ ‘๏ฝฒ ๐ข๐ง๐ 

12. The light golden red gives a magical effect to the locks


13. Making the wires look even lighter


14. The coppery one gets closer to the vibrant tones of the redhead

Madelaine Petsch

15. Making the wires more prominent

Madeline Ford

16. Whatever the light red is a beautiful color

Sarah Jansson

17. That goes perfectly with all


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18. Giving your style a warm touch

Malin Hamilton

19. So take the opportunity to bet on that tone

Danni Stewart

20. And be amazed by so much beauty

Cintia Dicker

Red hair has a unique charm, besides being a color that stands out well. But in its lighter shade, the red has a more natural and dynamic appearance with the skin tone. Therefore, anyone who wants to adopt the red, can opt for the lighter tones, pulling for both gold and copper to have different effects on the locks.

How to have light red hair

It may seem complex, but having light red hair is something you can do at home. To prove this, we have separated 5 videos with tutorials and tips to achieve this desired color.

How to achieve light red at home

If you are redhead with darker strands or even want to leave your hair with a lighter and shinier tone, youtuber Sarah Oliveira left the step by step on how to lighten them to get the light red.

Have the redhead of dreams

See how to dye your hair at home and have the red you want so much. Follow the tutorial that Monique Bellini did on her channel showing the techniques she uses to keep her hair in light red.

A mix of colors to rock

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Sometimes the ideal color is not ready, you need to create and venture with the numbering. That’s what Bruna from Bruna TV did, using a combination of paints, she found the right color for her. Then check out her process and see how you can apply it to your hair.

Redhead without bleaching your hair

If you care about changing the tone of your hair and how it can affect you, watch this video in which Isabela Alves radically changes the look of a client and adheres to the redhead without discoloring the strands. Check out all the details of this endeavor to reach the light coppery red.

See how to dye your red hair

Every day there are alternative ways to transform the locks and one of them you will see here. Youtuber Bรกrbara Lapa showed on her channel how she left her red hair without using dyes.

The light red has different facets and can completely change his look, but contemplating a natural and very harmonious air to his style. So, if you want to debut for the redheads team, this tone can certainly be your gateway. Finally, meet the sweet redhead and see how this nuance can enchant you too.

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