20 photos and tutorials for organizing jewelry and jewelry


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Want to keep your accessories organized? Invest in an earring holder! It can be the way you prefer and even make the environment more beautiful. To check out ideas and tutorials on earrings that we separated, check out the full article!

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20 photos of door earrings that are pure inspiration

We have selected lovely earring options for you to choose as yours will be! Look that:

1. You can make your earrings yourself

Kosherja and Bleteve

2. Or buy it the way you prefer

Buy at Americanas

3. This is a good one if you are looking for something compact

Akemi Studio

4. There are ideas for all styles


5. How about an earring holder in drawers?


6. Partitions help with organization

Meredith Goforth

7. Earrings can be hung

Buy at Elo 7

8. Look at what a wonderful inspiration

Spilled Milk Designs

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9. This is for crochet lovers

Wire Colors Workshop

10. Some enhance the decor

Alida JayVee

11. Lovely, isn’t it?

Preeti Bhambri

12. Choose models that match your home

Buy at Pipa Social

13. The wooden earrings are pure charm

Mama Dragon

14. Remember to take care of the details!

Ju Art

15. Acrylic is also successful

Style & Confidence

16. Combining practicality and beauty

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17. How about an option on the wall?

Good Spaces

18. Unleash your creativity and choose your favorite

Oak Knoll Creations

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19. Bet on the frames for a vintage touch


20. And keep your earrings in the best shape


They are beautiful models, right? Use inspirations and creativity to your advantage to get an earring organizer that suits you!

How to make earrings

Want to know how to make your own earrings? Just follow the videos that we separated and get to work! There are several options for you to choose the one that best matches your style and earrings!

How to make EVA earrings

EVA is an affordable material and allows for many ideas. Here, you learn to use it to store earrings in a delicate and handmade way. Furthermore, it is very easy. Worth checking out!

How to make a earring holder with styrofoam

You will need Styrofoam, a picture frame, EVA, scissors, glue and stylus. The walkthrough is mega simple and is in the video. Take a look!

Making a earrings out of fabric

The fabric options are pure charm! Learn how to make one to hang the earrings and keep them in sight. Just follow the tutorial, separate the materials and start DIY!

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How to make a jewelry box with cardboard box

Do you know that box that’s standing around? She can make a great jewelry box, you know? Look at the video and understand how this is possible. Then just play and make yours. It’s super simple!

Learn how to make a paper earrings

This is a simple and inexpensive idea for you to test, since it is made of paper. You choose the format. Check out the step by step in the video and get to work!

MDF jewelry box

You will learn how to make an amazing MDF jewelry box. The result is impeccable, and you only need to pay attention to the details of the production. Rock the craft!

With an earring holder you can say goodbye to clutter! Take advantage of the ideas and tutorials and win yours now. If you are a fan of crafts, you will love to know these options of crochet earrings!

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