20 programs every woman should listen to



By Karyne Santiago

On 09/30/21

Similar to radio, the podcast was developed a few years ago in order to optimize the listener’s time. Without the need to keep your eyes glued to the small screen, like the series, or to the book, audio is used to inform, teach, reflect and discuss important topics for human life. The following selection sought the best podcasts about the female universe. Check out!

1. Wide panties

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Run by none other than Camila Fremder, Helen Ramos and Tati Bernardi, “Calcinha Larga” is one of the best podcasts in the female universe, as it covers everything about the life of modern women. The three friends’ chat, with some distinguished guests, deconstructs the stereotype of the perfect woman established by society. The episodes air every Wednesday, and are about 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

2. Good morning, Obvious

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With new episodes every Monday and presented by Marcela Ceribelli, “Good morning, Obvious” deals with important themes of the female universe such as career, self-care, mental health, relationships, self-esteem and modern life in general. Each episode lasts an average of 40 minutes and brings iconic guests for a relaxed and inspiring chat, which is why it enters the list of the best podcasts.

3. Do not disable

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Currently, the second most listened to podcast in Brazil, Não Inviabilize has scripting and narration by Deia, its presenter, to tell the craziest and funniest stories on the internet. With new episodes daily, divided into 4 frames, the podcast brings love stories that went right in Amor nas Redes, those stories that went really wrong, in Lemon Popsicle, monkeys and embarrassing moments in the Mico Meu frame, and horror stories with the Light On frame. This phenomenon is worth checking out, you won’t regret it!

4. Are you mine?

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Created, thought and produced by writer and screenwriter Camila Fremder, this fun podcast raises discussions about the craziest thoughts that pass through the human mind. In the weekly chat that takes place every Thursday, and lasts about 50 minutes, the announcer and her guests reflect on some interesting personal and social paranoia.

5. PodThem

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Run by Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta, “PodDelas” brings fun chats with distinguished guests. With good humor and sympathy, the presenters speak about current issues, such as fashion, realities, internet, digital influence, career and much more. The episodes are long, with an average duration of 2 hours, and can be followed live every Tuesday and Thursday via the YouTube channel, so it enters the list of the best podcasts!

6. Self-aware

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In Self-awareness, coach Regina Gianetti, specialist in Mindfulness, helps listeners in the process of self-knowledge. With fortnightly episodes, posted every Sunday and with an average duration of 30 minutes, the episodes address everyday issues that can affect the quality of life.

7. A milkshake called Wanda

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Consolidated in Brazil as one of the best and most successful podcasts, “A milkshake called Wanda” covers everything you need to know about the universe of entertainment and pop culture. Hosted by Marina Santa Helena, Phelipe Cruz and Samir Duarte and posted every Thursday at 1:17 pm, some programs bring entertaining guests to comment on recent showbiz happenings.

8. The subject

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If you are looking for serious and quality information, this podcast presented by journalist Renata Lo Prete is ideal. With publications from Monday to Friday, the program seeks to contextualize its listeners about the most relevant issues in Brazil and the world. The episodes that last about 25 minutes are attended by journalists or experts on the topics covered.

9. Psychology in practice

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And for lovers of psychology and self-knowledge, the program “Psychology in practice” is one of the best podcasts in the area, made by psychologist Alana Anijar. Guided by the behavioral approach, the presenter talks about relationships, self-esteem and emotional intelligence, as well as some tips and trivia about self-knowledge. Episodes are weekly, and have an average duration of 15 minutes.

10. Venus podcast

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You know that light program, made to relax? This is the profile of this podcast! Hosted by Criss Paiva and Yasmin Ali Yassine, the show features incredible interviews with famous guests, such as singers, comedians and influencers, who talk about their careers and personal lives, and reminisce about stories never before shared with the public. The episodes last an average of 2 hours, and can be watched live every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm on YouTube or Twitch.

11. Pilot project

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Join a digital influencer seeking the best things in life with a style consultant, and the result will be “Projeto Piloto”. With essential dialogues for the female universe about career, motherhood, relationships, fashion, beauty and important social issues, Lu Ferreira and Thais Farage reflect on every woman’s daily life. The episodes are published every Monday, last an average of 40 minutes, and some of them have the participation of special guests.

12. Nipples

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With seriousness, tolerance, empathy and good humor, Juliana Wallauer and Cris Bartis talk weekly about the most controversial topics in social networks. The episodes, posted every Monday and Friday, last an average of 1 hour, and raise different views and approaches on the same subject, making the listener reflect deeply on the themes. It couldn’t be left out of the list with the best podcasts!

13. Schizophrenoias

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Designed, created and presented by Amanda Ramalho, this podcast has already been nominated for awards in 2019 and 2020. The presenter, who lives with depression, bipolar disorder and social anxiety, intends to talk about mental health demystifying the taboos. The episodes last about 1 hour and are published every Monday.

14. Holy Trinity of Wigs

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With episodes ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half, this babe podcast hosted by three spectacular drag queens (Bianca DellaFancy, Duda Dello Russo and LaMona Divine) talks about relationships, pop culture, news and LGBT experiences. The program airs every Tuesday and Thursday, and has the presence of some guests.

15. Imagine together

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In this podcast, Carol Rocha, Jeska Grecco and Gus Lanzetta have a humorous chat about modern life and its individual and social impacts. Based on generational innovations, presenters speak from relationships to work formats. Episodes are weekly, released every Wednesday, and last an average of 1 hour.

16. In our life

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If your goal is an uncomplicated life, this is the right podcast for you. In “In our life”, Isa Ribeiro talks about well-being, society, motherhood, career, individuality, and another universe of things, simplifying the themes with important reflections. Episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes do not have a periodicity to air.

17. Self-knowledge pills

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With a lot of lightness, sympathy and good humor, Ana Paula Barro raises reflections on the purpose of life and self-confidence. The main idea of ​​the podcast is to raise reflections on the listeners’ quality of life and trigger a positive transformation. Episodes of about 15 minutes are published every Monday.

18. Turn on your light

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“Acenda sua luz” is one of the best podcasts, as it is a program based on emotional intelligence and self-knowledge. Presented by Carol Rache, it addresses themes such as idealization, relationship, self-esteem, emotional dependence and authenticity. Episodes air every Monday and last between 10 to 20 minutes.

19. Owners of reason

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Presented by a couple, this unusual podcast addresses topics relevant to a good relationship as a couple. In episodes ranging from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, published every Tuesday, Foquinha and André demonstrate with lightness and complicity the importance of discussing a relationship.

20. Looks

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Based on the feminist struggle for rights, respect and equality, this podcast, presented by Aline Hack, brings unusual visions of how far this battle can go. With an inclusive and socially relevant theme, the program airs every fortnight, on Thursdays. Each episode has an average duration of 50 minutes.

21. About the feminine

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Literature, art, cinema, psychoanalysis, contemporaneity… All in one place! Presented by Cauana Mestre, Licene Garcia and Ana Suy, this program deals with good humor and lightness to everyday life, well-being, productivity and modern life from a female perspective. The podcast is aired every Monday and lasts an average of 30 minutes.

Be it an audio, a movie or a book… Everything that informs you and makes you think outside the box is empowering. This list of the best podcasts can help you in this work! Speaking of which, how about getting to know some books that every woman should read?