25 images of this cut and tutorials on how to get the look


Victoria Rocha

By Juliana Almeida

On April 9, 2001

The long fringe is versatile, gives a stripped look and looks good for all styles of women. Want to adhere to this look, but are still in doubt? Check here, how to make it and, also, 25 images of the most varied styles of this cut.

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How to make long bangs

If you want to know how to make this fringe, here’s the help you’ve been waiting for. In the sequence, you will see 3 tutorial videos that show how to get this simple cut and stuffed with style.

Cut your long side bangs at home

Bia will show you all the steps you need to cut your long bangs at home. She mentions some options, which you can choose when creating your beautiful bangs. Come and see!

Cut your long bangs yourself

Learn how to cut your long bangs in retro style with Thassyane. Check out the video, all the tips and directions that she will give you to make your bangs look wonderful.

Long fringe cut for curly hair

Jessica will show you how to cut the bangs in curly hair. It can be used forward, but you can also use it laterally. She is beautiful, very versatile and you will love it!

Did you learn from the tips? If you are one of those who like to make their own changes, go for it! Otherwise, look for a professional hairdresser to help you.

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25 photos of long bangs for you to choose your style

Nothing better than analyzing options of this cut to choose the one that best suits your style, right? Thinking about it, the sequence below was all about you. Feel free to enjoy and choose your favorite long bangs!

1. It can gain space in an all-over cut

Klara Brown

2. In addition to being infallible with a spout chanel

Juliana Souza

3. For longer hair, the long bangs must accompany the length

Pirania Ya

4. And who thought you couldn’t have it in shorter hair? Yes, it does!

Karina Chaves

5. It gives movement to the wires

Douglas Garcia

6. And it leaves you with a very powerful style

Douglas Garcia

7. This fringe is for those who want a more stripped-down style

Victoria Rocha

8. She came to stay and dare the wires of the chicks

Franjão Hair

9. She is charming, just like you!

Rick Lira Hair Stylist

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10. And it’s super accepted in the colored threads, see?

Deni Gonçalves

11. You can use it sideways

Carla Hair

12. Can use it on both sides

Jessica Gama

13. Because you will look beautiful anyway

Rayssa Mirelle

14. With the long bangs you have power in the hair

Gabriela Reis

15. And she looks wonderful on all women

Pablo Fercondiny

16. Are you already imagining yourself with your bangs?

Mauri Lima

17. Do you want it more retro?

Mauri Lima

18. Or do you prefer a more beach style?

Mauri Lima

19. Sure you will smile a lot after obtaining this visu

Lab 738

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20. And that you will feel radiant with her

Pedro Novais

21. Be on your wavy wires

Ary Mendonça

22. Be in your peaked and bold blonde

Felipe Hairdresser

23. The long fringe will leave you a bullet every waking

Kenia Carvalho

24. She will love to give her curls another style

Jully Bloom

25. And you will love the trim it will give to your hair!

So, did you like the long bangs inspirations and tutorials? You will look splendid with this new cut! And if you want to make your own without leaving the comfort of home, check out also how to cut the bangs and how to choose the ideal style for you and your hair.

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