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That the braid on the bangs is a great request for sophisticated hairstyles, we all know. But what is (still) little talked about is that it has become a very modern and urban option for increasingly simple hairstyles. Ideas abound, and the best thing: you can do it with your eyes closed so easily. Follow the thread:

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25 braid photos on the fringe for you to fall in love

For any type of hair, there is a hairstyle with braid in the bangs. Take a deep breath, as this list will take your breath away from start to finish!

1. The fringe braid with loose hair has everything


2. For its practicality

kylie jenner

3. And for the boost in the style it brings

sofia cosme silveira

4. You can make a braid tiara

larissa nepomuceno

5. Fit for a princess!

hairstyles prih souza

6. Braiding loose hair with curls is super-stylish

layla lopes hair

7. And you will appreciate your beautiful hair even more

adna braid

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8. Short hair also deserves attention

beauty by brooke

9. Because the braid will give your hair an extra touch

top style salon

10. What about the braid on the fringe of curly hair? We sigh!

crowned with curlss

11. It’s just a detail that makes all the difference


12. In addition, you can integrate the braid with another hairstyle


13. Be very discreet, in a very elegant bun

hairstyles prih souza

14. Who will appreciate all its beauty

heather chapman hair

15. Or with a beautiful and powerful ponytail

nayara golfeti hair

16. Which also brings the practicality you deserve

lucas vieira

17. Double braids are also on the rise

hunaay hair

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18. And they will leave you with a more urban touch

top style salon

19. Especially if they are embedded like that

adna braid

20. And, let’s be honest …

crowned with curlss

21. There is no one who refuses a braid, right?


22. Because it respects all styles

lupita nyong´o

23. Hair types

nayara golfeti hair

24. And hairstyles

heather chapman hair

25. Bet on it that there’s no mistake!

crowned with curlss

Okay, you can breathe again … But not for long: next, you’ll learn how to do these hairstyles there, at your home!

How to braid bangs in a simple way

The best part has come – the one where you discover that you can do the hairstyles shown above yourself. Check out the tutorials below and take the final exam:

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Side bangs braid

Barbara Thais teaches how to braid her bangs with side trim, leaving the rest of her hair down. It is an option that combines with a workday, with a romantic date, with a ballad … That is, with any occasion!

Braid in front of curly hair

With three hairstyle options, Vitoria Lorrayne shows that it is possible to look great without having any work. Keeping the curls loose or betting on afro puff, the only certainty is that the braids will not disappoint you!

Braid embedded in bangs for short hair

The short locks also have their turn when it comes to powerful hairstyle. With this video by Gothinha, you will learn how to make the traditional inlaid braid, which works on all types of yarn.

Braided tiara

If it’s practicality you want, this hairstyle that Karen Bachini teaches is all you need. It’s simple and you can combine it with other hairstyles – be it a bun, another braid or even let the strands loose.

Hairstyle with braid in curly hair

With very fine braids on her bangs, Carol Soares created a PO-DE-RO-SO hairstyle. She even hints on betting on baby hair and braid rings. Awesome!

So, what’s your favorite? If you are a fan of braided hair, but looking for another type of hairstyle, check out a list with more than 100 images of braided hairstyles!

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