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The braids are already amazing on their own, but the braid ring can make your look shine even more. So, check out beautiful inspirations, know where to buy yours and in addition, see also how to make the accessory at home. Keep reading and check it out!

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25 braid ring pictures to complement your look with this powerful accessory

To start, let’s check out some pictures of braid ring for inspiration. See below and try not to fall in love with this accessory!

1. The braid ring is the perfect accessory

Ana Clara Araujo

2. It makes your braids even more powerful

VR Braids

3. You can use only one

Sarah Santos

4. Or, two

Leticia Piu

5. And why not, several?

Magá Moura

6. Can be used with loose braids

Rachel Bonfim

7. Because this accessory can complement your look

Sarah Santos

8. But they also look great in hairstyles

Manu Silva

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9. Simple models are perfect

Madu Morais

10. But the colors are breathtaking

Rafa Evans

11. And what about these with the colors of reggae, then?

Magá Moura

12. The ones with pendants make the look powerful

Bel braids and hair

13. It also has a charm, isn’t it?

Magá Moura

14. See how it brings even more beauty to the braids

Studio Afro Hair

15. But the crown model is also amazing

Jully Braids

16. Just like the round ones

Juliana Padilha

17. Be colorful

Jully Braids

18. With pendants

Designs By Jazyne

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19. Or, simple


20. In fact, in any case

Jeniffer Xavier

21. The braid ring is an incredible accessory

Gabbe Braids

22. Which complements the beauty of your braids

Isabelle Flaneto

23. And makes your look more authentic

Lorena Vieira

24. So get inspired by these photos


25. And shine even more with your braids!

Julia Vasques

With these photos, you can see that the braid ring is a great investment, right? There are many beautiful models to enhance your braids even more.

Where to buy braid ring

After checking out so many beautiful inspirations, you certainly want to buy some for yourself. Check out some stores to buy braid ring below.

  • Shein: is an international store that ships to Brazil. There, you can find several accessories, including braid ring. It takes a while to arrive, but the price is worth it!
  • Wish: it is also a well-known international website for buying various items. In it, you can find different and varied braid rings for a good price.
  • Milla Hair: is a national, online store and, in addition, it has three physical units on the well-known March 25th. It presents good options for braiding rings in various colors at a good price and with fast delivery.
  • Black Hair: it is also a national store, so delivery is fast. Features simple and basic braid ring options that match any braid and look.
  • Link7: is a platform that brings together several craft stores across the country. The great advantage of buying your braid ring on Elo7 is that you find unique models and you can even personalize yours if you wish. It is worth checking!

You can find beautiful models without leaving your home. So, search and compare prices, models and delivery times. Then, just get inspired and create beautiful looks.

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How to make braid ring

In addition to buying the braid ring, you can make yours at home. If you like DIY and customizing your accessories, watch the following videos and learn how to make yours.

Simple braid ring with wire

Let’s start with the basics. Do you know that ring of wire braid with several loops? It is very simple to do and you can innovate your look using several ways. Watch the tutorial to do.

Braid ring with charms

Charm bracelets are perfect for making beautiful and varied braid rings. To do this, simply remove them from the bracelet with pliers and place them in the braid. Make sure they are the right size for your braids.

Braid ring with pet bottle

Are you looking for colorful braid rings and can’t find them? A good option is to make them with pet bottle and colored with enamel. They look beautiful and you spend almost nothing to do! Watch the video to learn how to do it.

How to wear braid ring

After learning how to make your own braid rings, how about learning ways to use them? Watch the video and see tips to use these and other accessories and rock the look.

Now you’ve seen inspirations, where to buy and how to make your braid ring, check out box braids hairstyles and keep rocking!

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