3 decorations for Christmas that you can make yourself


If you are a thrifty and enterprising woman, surely this post will fascinate you, since I will teach you to do 3 Christmas decorations that you can make yourself with very few things and even reusing objects that you have at home.

Christmas wreath with backdrops

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The first thing your friends and family will see when they get home is the door. Therefore, a good idea would be to make a Christmas wreath by reusing Christmas balls or borders of different sizes and colors.

To do this, take a wire and form a circle of the size you want.

Fold one end inward into a hook and pass the balls through the other end. When you finish, pass the end of the wire inside the hook and adjust so that the backdrops cannot come off. Take a strip of frost or boa and twist it through the spheres to cover any visible wire.

Glue some gold or green fabric flowers or bows to the front of the Christmas wreath and finally pass a wide strip inside it to be able to hang it on the door.

Christmas balls or backdrops

One of the Christmas ornaments The most beautiful that could exist are the balls or backdrops for the tree. They come in different shapes, colors and materials and, although you can buy them, you can also make them at home and take care of your pocket. Check out this idea:

In a container, mix a part of carpenter’s glue with half a part of water and dip a few meters of wool or crochet thread. Blow up some water balloons and put the string around the balloon in all directions.

When you’re done with your design, let it dry for 24 hours and pop the balloon. Remove it and insert and tie a gold or silver rope around the sphere to have a place to hang the ornament. If you want you can brush the Christmas ball with transparent glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Santa Claus cutlery holder

Crush up some toilet paper cartons and paint them with red or green acrylic. When they are dry, draw a half circle at the ends of the front side, that is, bottom and top, and then cut along the line.

Make a black rectangle out of cardboard that is the same width as the cardboard and glue in the center of it. Now cut out a square of foam or foam with glitter and inside this square cut another smaller square to form the belt buckle of Santa Claus.

Glue it in the middle of the black rectangle and place some cardboard circles that pretend to be buttons. This is one of the Christmas ornaments more beautiful and easy to make that can give an original touch to your Christmas table.

Did you like these 3 decorations for Christmas that you can make yourself? I loved them and I plan to put my little hands to work soon 🙂

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