3 Different Shades of Rose Color Meaning to Help You Pick the Perfect Bouquet

3 Different Shades of Rose Color Meaning

Millions of roses are sold on the special day valentines day only, it means that roses have beautiful meaning. It is a universal fact that roses have a charming smell which attracts everyone. Rose is the universal signals of friendship, affection and love. Love is the main thing which happens to everybody in the world. Giving roses to loved ones increase the closeness with them and thus, the lief become happy.

Roses are of different types and different colors. Every type and color have unique meanings. Most of the people don’t know the meaning of colorful roses. There are a lot of roses like a white rose, red rose, purple rose, yellow rose etc. Knowing the meaning of all these roses color is important before to give them to your close friends or relatives with a particular message revolving in mind. Roses seem to have the symbol of confidence holding in them. In this post, we will go over the main concept of the rose color meaning. We will also discuss on which occasion we should give roses with different colors.

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Red Rose Meaning and Occasions

Red Rose Meaning and Occasions
Red Rose Meaning and Occasions

The most popular and common color among all roses is red. The red color rose is the symbol of desire, romanticism, passion as well as beauty. The red rose is the symbol of incredible devotion of romance. After the marriage, the people mostly decorate their room with red roses and give red bouquet to his wife showing that how much he loves her and he will never break her heart for the rest of her life. So, it’s a great passion rose that encourage the person to love more and more. Millions of red roses strongly pronounce, “I love you”. Apart from the romantic contexts, most people give red roses to convey best wishes as well as to congratulate their loved ones.

On Valentine’s day, people give red roses to depict that how much they are in love with them. This means that red roses are of Valentine’ day speciality depicting the love and affection. If your loved ones get annoyed and angry on you, try to give this red roses bouquet to them so that they may smile and all their anger removes. Some people give red roses on birthday parties as well as anniversaries. Because of the connotation of pure love, people give red color bouquets to the bride. Some people used to throw these red flowers on the stage after the opera performance depicting that they love the performance and they are very happy with that. If the person helps you in your difficult time, you can also give the red rose to him for thanking him.

Yellow Rose Meaning and Occasions

Yellow Rose Meaning and Occasions
Yellow Rose Meaning and Occasions

In the era of Victoria, the yellow rose didn’t hold good meaning. It depicts the meaning of hatress or jealousy. It depicts a sad message. However, in this era, the yellow rose meaning has been changed and now it holds a beautiful meaning in it. Yellow rose depicts the meaning of friendship now. If you want to do friendship with the person of your choice, you can easily give him/her a yellow flower which mainly sends joy, caring and cheer message.

These yellow roses are thought to be the congratulatory rose for the people who have a happy event. If a person has a newborn baby, then people can give them yellow roses for congratulating them. People can also send these roses if their loved ones are in hospital and suffering from a serious illness. In “Get Well Soon” wishes yellow roses can be given.

White Rose Meaning and Occasions

White Rose Meaning and Occasions
White Rose Meaning and Occasions

White roses are rich with the meaning of innocence and purity. The passion is deeper if the rose color is deeper.

The white roses are the funeral flowers depicting the spirituality, purity and new beginnings of life. The cream roses are the bridal roses used in weddings. Due to the most important association with love, white roses are wedding flower. White roses can also be given on religious events.

Shades of Rose Color Ideas


Nearly all roses send the message of devotion and love for their loved ones. It is a universal fact that roses are made to spread the feelings of love to human beings. The scents of roses are beautiful and people give roses on different occasions to show their love and passion. The cost of roses depends on the quality of the roses. Give roses and spread love in the world. Different roses have different and unique meanings in them.

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