30 amazing inspirations and 4 tutorials to create your own


Valeria Prado

Wine nails are synonymous with sophistication. This color is beautiful and is a versatile option to match your looks. Check out some design inspirations and tutorials to create your own.

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30 photos of wine nails so you don’t make a mistake

Choosing your next nail color will be easier with this amazing selection. See some beautiful options ranging from the basics to a more elaborate decoration.

1. Wine nails are super chic

Nails Xheni

2. A basic design looks very nice

Beautiful Hall Space

3. But you can also unleash your creativity in decorating

Dorina Nails Point

4. It’s a color that can be very trendy

Lauren’s Nails

5. And that is also perfect in more classic proposals


6. You can opt for a sparkling nail polish

Rah Medeiros

7. Or perfect the finishing with extra shine

Morgana Oelke

8. Do you like stiletto nails? look at this combination

Art Nails

9. This tone is even more wonderful mixed with nude

Tati Atelier das Nails

10. These are colors that complement each other very well

Naiara Cortes Nails

11. If you want something more mysterious, include a touch of black

Grazielle Araújo Nails

12. This golden line will raise the bar for your decor

Faby Costa Nails

13. How about making this beautiful color darker?

Maria V SoNailicious

14. And invest in a powerful glitter?

Jessicas Nails

15. You can apply it to an “only child”

Beauty Nails Maker

16. Or innovate with this style of modern francesinha

Nails Millena Oliveira

17. It’s a color that makes almond nails even more beautiful

KS Nails

18. And that is also charming on square nails

Nataly Lino Nails

19. The matte enamel creates this super luxurious effect

Sa Mizael Nails

20. It’s a wild color to match your accessories

L&C Beauty Space

21. The burgundy color has several tones. like this more closed

Nails Paola Irene

22. Or this option clearer, pulling to the red

Nathy Andrade Nails

23. Rose designs have everything to do with this color

Omayra Nails

24. But you can also opt for gold details

Nokti Natalie

25. To make everyday life easier, a basic design is no mistake

Eliz Manicure

26. Stone decorated wine nails are a great choice for a special event

Lyandra Santos Nail Designer

27. A sparkling nail polish makes all the difference

Jet Set Beauty Nails

28. Have you managed to decide which style suits you best?

Jennifer Moraes Studio

29. It’s not an easy task, among so many beautiful options

Beauty Nails Maker

30. Choose your favorite tone and bet on this trend

Nancy Nail Art

How about investing in this beautiful color on your next trip to the salon? And if you do this art at home, check out the tutorials below to rock the design.

How to make wine nails

Doing your nails at home can be very practical, in addition to helping you save some money. And for them to be beautiful, follow the videos step by step and rock them.

Wine Nails for Beginners

If you’re not very skilled at doing your own nails, these tips will help you out. Applying a dark color can be more difficult, as it leaves more stains and is not so easy to clean. Check out how to make this process easier and take this task out of the letter.

Wine nails with a mixture of nail polishes

It’s not always easy to find the perfect tone. But for that, the nail polish mixture is the solution. Here, you create a beautiful wine tone using two different nail polishes. It’s a great way to make your nails last longer with stronger layers.

Wine nails with golden thread

Did you like the design with golden thread that appeared in the list of inspirations? This tutorial will teach you how to apply this amazing element. The combination is even more beautiful, as the nail is matte and with a touch of golden shine.

Wine nails with glitter

To create this beautiful design, 3 nail polishes will be used: one black, one with glitter and the other wine. The color is more dark, but stands out with a wonderful shine. Worth a try!

It is not difficult to fall in love with this imposing and powerful color. And if the occasion calls for a more discreet and smoother design, invest in these light pink enamel options.