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+30 Best Ever Outdoor christmas decoration ideas

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We know you care about raising the spirit of Christmas in your neighborhood. Reading this tells us that. So, let’s get started.

Outdoor Christmas decoration – commercial or residential, doesn’t have to cause you so much trouble and cost. Yes, everything you need for an outdoor Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Besides, there are outdoor décor ideas such as Christmas outdoor inflatables, garlands, wreaths lights, and wintergreen lighting, among others.

While you don’t have to be extravagant with your outdoor decoration efforts, you shouldn’t miss out on the need to accent the spirit of festivity.

From the front door to the mailbox, and even the gate, your Christmas decoration can do a lot of magic. So, in this article, we have compiled for you five best outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

Are you ready to get inspired? Let’s get along.

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5 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

1.     Put Wreaths on Your Door, Car, Bicycle, and Gate

 Put Wreaths on Your Door, Car, Bicycle, and Gate
Put Wreaths on Your Door, Car, Bicycle, and Gate

Why stop at putting wreaths on your window hangings or any form of interior design? Awaken the spirit of Christmas in your neighborhood with three or more wreaths.

It’s simple: have some wreaths on your front door, one or two on your gate/ bell/ mailbox.

Do you have an old bicycle? Get creative with it too. All you have to do is wrap vintage-like Christmas lights around it and place it by the railings or front door.

Yes, you just pulled an outdoor Christmas decoration.


2.     Display Stunning Christmas Colors and Surprises

Display Stunning Christmas Colors and Surprises

You know that Christmas doesn’t have to be restricted to the usual green and red. Who says you can’t add more colorful cheers with fuschia pink, purple, white, and blue? So, as long as you are creative, you can do a lot with colors for your outdoor Christmas decorations. For example, you can fill your lanterns with colorful displays of ornaments.

Also, you can beautify your front door with ideal Christmas gifts. It’s beautiful to share with neighbors and passers-by.

Attach a tag or invitation to pick any gift written on cardboard at your door. Let them know it’s okay if they want to pick.

3.     Hang Window Wreaths

Wreaths hanging by a red ribbon on each window

We promised to keep it simple, this is one of them.

So, for your outdoor Christmas decoration, feel free to hang one or two wreaths on each of your windows.

For example, you can hang grapevine wreaths on each of your front windows. And you don’t have to stop there. You should string Christmas outdoor lights to the wreath and also tie burlap ribbon to it.

If you fancy seasonal yet rustic impression, tag pine sprigs into the ribbon.

The magic of Christmas is that simple.

4.     Festive Footwears

Easy Ways to Hang Christmas Wreaths

If you are a lover of footwear, come in here. Don’t worry, you are not spending on other expensive footwear.

But then, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend on festive footwear since you can always wear them after clearing your outdoor Christmas decorations. Antique shops have a lot of vintage pairs that you can invest in.

You can even put your kids’ ice skates to good use here. Your visitors will be stunned by the level of your creativity.

So, do you just hang your festive footwear? You can do a lot with them. Fill with it up with fresh greenery such as pine, sprigs of cedar, as well as holly berries. Don’t leave the blades and lace areas empty.

And don’t forget to wrap outdoor Christmas lights around them.

On the other hand, you can just hang your vintage ice skates to a wreath on the outdoor window or wall.

5.     Christmas Garlands on Railing

Attaching Christmas garlands on railings that lead to your front door is another simple outdoor Christmas decoration that you can execute.

It’s simple. At each end of your railing and the center, attach a garland. To hold each garland to the railing, you can use a cable tie/ floral wire to pull as tight as you can or hold together with a burlap ribbon.

Make sure you cut out the remaining extending end of the cable tie/floral wire or burlap ribbon.

Then, remember to plug in the lights to make it stunning and elegant.

Meanwhile, you should ensure that that the outdoor Christmas light is evenly distributed across the length of your garlands. So, it’s advisable that you start wrapping from the middle before you move to either end of your railings.

Christmas Garlands on Railing

26 Outdoor Christmas Decoratio


Outdoor Christmas decoration comes easy when you are willing to exercise your creative discipline.

These are DIY designs that won’t even cost you much. So, feel free to try out any of the above. Be the first to color the neighborhood with festival outlooks and leave your neighbors and passers-by stunned.

It’s not too late to start planning.

Do you want us to make any further recommendations?