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If you are looking for bridal hair accessories, you are in the right material. We have separated several beautiful accessories for any type of hair. In addition, these pieces range from classic to contemporary, without losing their charm and delicacy.

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Types of Bridal Hair Accessories

There are many options for accessories to adorn your hair on one of the most memorable days of your life. The ideal is to choose the one that makes you more comfortable and that has to do with your personality. Just look at those wonderful options in the sequence!

1. Crowns

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Crowns are increasingly gaining space in the heart of brides. In addition to a romantic appearance, this accessory resumes the classic, but with a new guise, with a modern appearance. It can be made with crystals, stones, precious or not, crystals, feathers, lace and fabrics in general, with different shapes.

2. Hats

Place for two

What do you mean hats? Yes, they have fallen in love with brides and bring a relaxed look, especially if combined with unconventional shoes at weddings, such as boots and sneakers. They are common in boho, folk and indie weddings, but they can also bring a more cowgirl look to brides. Usually, hats have wide brims and can be made with the most diverse materials.

3. Flowers in the hair


Who doesn’t love flowers, right? As accessories, they look perfect in brides’ hair, whether short or long. Artificial or natural flowers can be used, which have even more charm and delicacy. Usually, they are used in the shape of tiaras or crowns, making volume on the head, which reminds Frida Khalo.

4. Juliet Cap Veils

Atelier I

How about a 1920s style veil? This accessory brings a classic air to the bride, without losing the refinement. This piece was the favorite veil of the brides around 1910 to 1940 and has recently appeared again. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the character Julieta Capuleto uses one of these in many scenarios of “Romeo and Juliet”, a play by playwright William Shakeaspere. If you want a romantic look, this piece is for you.

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5. Ties

Cristina ~ Invitados y Novias

Ties are also an option full of charm for brides. This accessory has made up the look of many brides in Spain. Being used in the most diverse colors, they bring a more relaxed air, without losing sweetness. However, they can also be more discreet, made with stones, for example.

6. Clips / staples

Girardi | Veils & Wreaths

These very common accessories in the 90s came back with everything, not only on a daily basis, but also as an accessory for bridal hair. With simple details, these pieces can be a great bet that brings a more delicate face to the look.

7. Combs

ETIQUETTE by Tati Benvenuto

Hair combs are accessories that have that sweet air, ensuring a special touch to the brides’ hairstyle. Discreet but extremely charming, this piece is a classic loved by many brides in all ages.

8. Tiaras

Vania Passos – Accessories

Like crowns, tiaras never go out of style. If you are looking for a more classic accessory, this piece is a very tasteful choice. The tiara will make you even more beautiful and elegant on your big day!

With all these accessory options for bridal hair, it is difficult to choose just one. After all, all models are passionate, both the most classic and exquisite as well as the most modern and funky. To help you in this choice, we have separated some inspirations, check it out!

30 photos of beautiful accessories for bridal hair

Now, see the accessories we list composing the looks of several brides and notice when this piece can make all the difference in your hair, whether it is straight or curly, short, medium or long.

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1. There are many options for bridal hair accessories

Silvia Dacs Brides

2. It’s up to you, bride, to choose what else has your personality


3. Most classic accessories never go out of style

By Graciella Starling

4. But innovating in more contemporary accessories is also a great option

Ander Duarte

5. You can abuse the details

Sarinha Makeup

6. Or be more discreet

Buy at Leticia Sarabia

7. Tiaras are always a good idea

Guchi Semi Jewelry / Brides

8. High bets on pearls and stones

G. Offer | Tiaras and Accessories

9. But you can also choose a more delicate tiara

Buy brides at Aflorar

10. Have you thought about wearing a crown?

Shop at JG Accessories

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11. Every queen deserves one!

Atelier Sérénité

12. How about betting on flowers? They can be natural

Floral Petal – Bridal bouquet and decoration

13. Or artificial ones, which also look beautiful

Buy at G. Offer | Tiaras and Accessories

14. And it doesn’t matter if your hair is short


15. Or if it’s long

Shop at the Bride’s Boutique

16. If he is curly

Kelly McKennaPatterson Photo

17. Or smooth

Alessandra Cazzaro

18. There are accessories for all types of hair

Gabriel Barbisan MakeUp

19. The important thing is to find a piece that enhances your dress

Black Bride by Ester Cunha

20. Without letting go of your personality

Girardi | Veils & Wreaths

21. Even hats have been worn by brides

Ronaldo Vietez

22. Going from folk to country style

Juliana Borges

23. Ties have been successful in several materials

Buy brides at Aflorar

24. Brides have bet on juliet cap veil

Atelier I

25. Charming and chic accessory

Silver Lilia

26. But if you prefer something more basic

ModelsLAB Plus Size RS

27. Combs or clips are beautiful too

Atelier Sérénité

28. There are so many beautiful options, right?

Daiane Klein – WEDDINGS

29. Choose your accessory and be happy on your big day

Aline Freitas – Unique Makeup & Hairstyle

30. Without giving up your style!

AFLORAR – Wedding accessories

Did you see how there are pieces for all tastes? Choose one of these bridal hair accessories and look even more beautiful on your wedding day. Oh, and if you’re looking for more inspiration for that date, check out these bridal makeup ideas.

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