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Are you looking for romantic Netflix series to marathon? Then you have come to the right place. Whether to watch alone or accompanied, there are several stories to choose from. There are options for all tastes: whether to cry or laugh with the characters. Look at the list below:

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1. Friends Forever (2021)

Tully and Kate have been friends since adolescence. The relationship between the introverted girl and the coolest girl in high school may seem unlikely, but it remains until adulthood. Over many years of friendship, they share ups and downs. However, after a betrayal, the friendship is threatened.

2. Bridgerton (2020)

Looking for historical romance series? So, more to check on Bridgerton. Based on Julia Quinn’s eponymous book series, the story takes place in the early 19th century and narrates the life of a London aristocratic family.

3. Love and Anarchy (2020)

In this Swedish series, Sofie is a consultant, is married, has two children and a father with mental problems. When hired to modernize an old publisher, a flirtation with the young IT technician Max begins. However, the game that seems harmless can cause problems in their relationship.

4. Emily in Paris (2020)

Emily Cooper is a young woman who works in marketing in Chicago and is transferred to Paris. Without knowing how to speak French, the young woman faces several problems in her daily life. But nothing to stop you from having fun and also experiencing romances.

5. Occasional Love (2020)

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Set in Paris, this is a series that accompanies Elsa, a young woman who has no luck in love. Thinking of helping her friend, Charlotte and Emilie hire a date to go out with Elsa. However, not everything goes as expected.

6. Magnolia Sweets (2020)

The series tells the story of three friends, Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue, who live in a small town in Serenity, South Carolina. Together, the friends deal with family, professional and loving problems. Here, the search for love and the desire to give a second chance to passions comes into play.

7. Virgin River (2019)

Mel Monroe is a childbirth nurse who moves from bustling Los Angeles to the peaceful Virgin River. In search of a new beginning and in an attempt to heal wounds from the past, the protagonist is faced with surprises in the new city, like a new love.

8. Most Beautiful Thing (2019)

In the late 1950s, Maria Luiza travels to Rio de Janeiro to meet Pedro, her husband. The couple plans to open a restaurant in the city. Upon arriving there, Maria Luiza discovers that Pedro has disappeared. She then decides to transform the space that would be the restaurant into a bossa nova club. Her friends Lígia, Adélia and Thereza help her in this endeavor.

9. Sex Education (2019)

Otis is a teenager who lives with his mother, a sex therapist. Even though he is a virgin, he understands a lot about sex. Accompanied by schoolmate Maeve, they decide to create a sexual health clinic. The aim is to help the other students at the school.

10. Landing in love (2019)

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Because of a paragliding accident, a South Korean heiress ends up in North Korea. There, she meets an army officer who is willing to help her hide.

11. Something in the Rain (2018)

This is a colorful production that tells the love story between Yoon Jin-A and Jon-Hee. They have known each other since they were little, as one is the other brother’s best friend. This means that they have to deal with the evolution of a relationship that goes from just acquaintances to a couple.

12. Everything Sucks! (2018)

Set in 1996, this is a series that shows the dramas experienced in high school by members of the theater and video club. At a time when there were no smartphones, these classes come together to produce a film showing the school’s dramas.

13. The Telephone Operators (2017)

Set in the late 1920s, the series portrays the lives of Libia, Carlota, Marga and Angele. These four women work for a telephone company and have very different personalities. In search of a successful career, they need to deal with different conflicts. At a time when freedom for women was less than today and gender inequality stood out, the series addresses important points.

14. She Wants Everything (2017)

Nola Darling, a young artist who lives in Brooklyn, defies the standards of her society. While searching for her identity, she has fun with friends and juggles to get along with three men. In addition to addressing romances and passions, women’s empowerment also comes into play in this series.

15. The End of the F *** ing World (2017)

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Looking for school romance series? Here, James is a teenager who doesn’t get along with others. He has already killed several animals, but decides to change the level and murder a person. When the new student Alyssa arrives at school and has no friends, he decides that she is the perfect victim. But when he approaches the young woman, he falls in love.

16. Crashing (2016)

Six friends who are in their 20s are broke. This makes them live in the same place where they work as security guards: an abandoned hospital. In focus are the couple Anthony and Kate, who are shaken by the arrival of Lulu, his best friend. In addition to addressing romance, this is still a funny plot.

17. Love (2016)

Mickey and Gus are the opposite of each other. She is cynical and urban, he is a shy nerd. Even though they are so different, they embark on a relationship. At first, they decide to go slow, as they are not sure if they really want to be together. Over the course of the episodes it is possible to see the ups and downs of this couple.

18. Me You and Her (2016)

Jack and Emma’s wedding has had better days. As much as they love each other and life is pleasant, there is a feeling that something is missing. It was then that the couple came up with the idea of ​​hiring a date to spice up the relationship. However, one of them falls in love with it and what seemed like a solution, ends up becoming a problem.

19. Easy (2016)

Love, sex, technology and culture are the central themes of this series. In the midst of all this, the episodes always show somehow issues that involve love and romance.

20. Grace and Frankie (2015)

Grace is an elegant woman and leads a sophisticated lifestyle. Frankie is a hippie. Even though they are so different, they end up living together. This happens after they discover that their husbands, who were partners, are homosexuals and have a relationship. With a turbulent divorce, they realize what they have in common. As a result, this is a series that mixes comedy and romance in old age.

21. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015)

The name of the series may not even please, but it is worth giving the series a chance, especially if you like musicals. Rebecca, the protagonist, quits her job in New York to pursue an old boyfriend who lives in California. However, she discovers that she doesn’t need any man to be happy.

22. Master of None (2015)

In this series, you accompany Dev, a 30-year-old actor who lives in New York. While he knows exactly what he wants for his professional career, he cannot make choices like what to eat. In addition to showing problems with money and romantic relationships, it is also possible to follow themes such as racism and homophobia.

23. Outlander (2014)

In Outlander, the protagonist is Claire Randall, a nurse in action during World War II, who travels to Scotland with her husband Frank after the end of the conflict. Mysteriously, she ends up in 1743, where she falls in love with Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior. Then, your heart is divided between two times.

24. When Calls the Heart (2014)

In the early 20th century, Elizabeth Tatcher, a wealthy woman, decides to give up the comfort of her life to be a teacher in a Canadian village. She is determined to show that she is brave and can stand on her own. When he discovers an aunt’s diary, he uses it as a guide to create his own adventures.

25. Jane the Virgin (2014)

Jane was convinced at a young age by her grandmother that soap operas are the best form of entertainment and that women should marry virgins. At 23, she is engaged to a man who respects his will. The confusion begins after the young woman is mistakenly inseminated with semen from her boss, for whom Jane has had a crush.

26. Lovesick (2014)

When diagnosed with chlamydia, Dylan must tell the discovery to all the women he has had sex with. He enlists the help of his friends Eve and Luke to remember his old relationships. In the midst of this journey, it is possible to know different love stories and also disappointments, as well as your dreams for the future.

27. Gran Hotel (2011)

Set in the early 20th century, this is a series in which Julio goes to the Gran Hotel in search of news about his sister. Upon arriving at the hotel, which is one of the most luxurious in Spain, he is faced with a mystery: his sister is missing. He decides to find out what happened and starts working on the site. In the meantime, he falls in love with the hostess’s daughter, who helps him in trying to unravel the mystery. However, there is a difference in classes that is an obstacle to this novel.

28. Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

In a hospital, a group of doctors must constantly deal with cases of life and death. This causes them to create relationships that, in some cases, can go beyond friendship. This is a great option for those who love marathon long series, as there are 16 seasons available on Netflix.

29. Gilmore Girls (2000)

Loreai and Rory are mother and daughter, but their relationship goes beyond that: they are best friends. Amid family and friendship issues, the story also has a good touch of romance. With a light and fun approach, this is a good bet for anyone looking for a romantic comedy.

30. Dawson’s Creek (1998)

Successful in the 1990s, Downson’s Creek tells the story of four teenagers who live in the small town of Capeside and try to find themselves in this stage of life.

Did you see how much cool stuff to follow is on this list of Netflix romantic series? And if you love this theme, there is also a selection of romantic movies for you to watch.

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