30 ideas for you to perpetuate great events


Deiah Tattoo

The date tattoo is delicate, full of meaning and nostalgia. Time is constantly changing and many events are stored in memory. When special, it is possible to remember exactly the day, month and year that these moments happened. And why not make them eternal on your skin? Check out beautiful inspirations:

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1. The date tattoo may look simple

May Ink

2. But she carries a lot of stories


3. Its meaning is unique to those who have it

Wagnon Tattoo

4. It can represent special people and great events

Wioleta Paweczuk

5. They can look super stylish and pay homage to their parents at the same time.

LGBT Tattoo

6. But they can also have an innovative distribution

Jhonnatan Pereira

7. When made by hand, it cannot go unnoticed

jaqueline gallao

8. But if you’re afraid of getting seasick, choose a place you don’t look at often

Inked Doll Studio

9. It can be very specific with day, month and year

Dinho Tattoo Studio

10. Or be smaller, containing only the digits of the year

henrique tattoo

11. How about this perfect creative version to make with your love?

Tattooology Studio

12. And to honor the elders, the digital is very imposing

Kvin Art

13. You can register your own year of birth

Jessica Maietta

14. Date tattoo on wrist is also a great option

Armin Blvck Work

15. You can include the family surname

Rebi Tattoo

16. Or also make a very modern family tree

Tattoo by Yeny

17. The little foot is also a great symbol of the birth of children


18. Another way to represent the date is with Roman numerals


19. They have a unique and very vintage style


20. You can also merge numbers and letters

Iasmink Tattoo

21. If you prefer something more hip, this font is the right choice

Xia Smith Tattoo

22. It’s an option with an outline and no fill


23. This is another different idea to show love to your family

Barbara Guerrart

24. In addition to the numbers, you can add a delicate design

Deivid Mendes Tattoo

25. You can invite your love to eternalize your dating date

Stefanie Freitas

26. And tattooing the couple’s important dates

Red Shadow Ink

27. The tattoo near the neck is also highly valued

Veres Arts

28. Just like the years of life of someone you admire

Morillo Tattoo

29. Regardless of the reason

Voodoo Doll Ink

30. Date tattoo is a great choice

Nanin Tattoo

It’s the stories that make these tattoos so enchanting and unique. And speaking of such special people, how about checking out these friendship tattoos?

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