30 ideas to honor the goddess of love


Nibi May

By Thais Miwa

On 07.31.21

Oshun’s tattoo is full of meanings and reflects all the emotion that is linked to the orixá of calm waters. In addition to representing love and fertility, it also brings the essence of sensitivity and tranquility to lovers. From delicate tattoos to the most striking, check out some of Oshun’s tattoo ideas below for you to find yours:

1. Oshun’s yellow is related to gold

Luiz Tattoo

2. It is linked to all the wealth and abundance that the goddess brings

Jessica Lisbon

3. One idea is to tattoo your greeting: “Ora iê iê ô”

Cabral Tattoo

4. To welcome the queen of rivers, lakes and waterfalls with all your heart

madamme emerald

5. Get a big tattoo on the entire back

Marcelo Mack

6. Or minimalist, like this


7. Oshun’s tattoo is full of devotion

Diniz Jack

8. And transmits all the energies of Mama Oshun

Anderson Tattoo

9. How your fertility waves


10. Motherhood and love


11. A typical design is the Oshun mirror tattoo


12. Which can be small and delicate


13. Or very colorful and realistic


14. How about putting just a touch of color?


15. You can even make a tattoo large and rich in details

Manual Culture

16. And include other elements


17. Watercolor brush strokes in yellow gold are beautiful


18. For they exalt all the power of the goddess Oshun


19. Choose a design that represents your devotion

Solaniely Monteiro

20. How is this tattoo with firm and enigmatic features


21. Shadows make the drawing more interesting


22. And why not make tattoos referring to Oxum and Iemanjá?


23. Oshun’s mirror, also called Abebé


24. It is a circular fan used in ceremonies

Talitha Pereira

25. And when from Oshun, it’s always golden

she who scratches

26. Tattooing it brings a strong reference to the Oxum ritual


27. Whatever design you choose

Nibi May

28. He will come charged with the energies of Oshun

Chilean Venegas

29. As spiritual and material wealth

Raphael the Great

30. And several other powers of the orixá!

right-handed lari

Did you enjoy the inspirations? Now it’s easy to choose your favorite Oshun tattoo to mark your passion for the goddess on your skin. If you want to show your love for the queens of the water even more, check out some tattoo ideas by Iemanjá.

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