30 ideas to rock format and decor


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Are you a fan of beautiful and stylish nails? So you need to bet on the black stiletto nail. This format is super trendy and guarantees a lot of personality to the look. Also, this wildcard color is a classic and has no mistake! Check out some nail polish ideas and tutorials to make your nails look stylish.

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30 black stiletto nail photos that will convince you to make yours

You’ll be excited to get your nails done after meeting several amazing models. Vary the enamel finish, the length of the nails and also the different styles of decoration, check out:

1. The black stiletto nail is synonymous with elegance

Julia Gullo

2. It doesn’t take much for it to look amazing

Larissa Machado

3. Color is perfect for unleashing creativity

Fernanda Araújo

4. And make beautiful decorations

Fabi Nails RJ

5. You can’t help but be enchanted by this combination

Nilceia Nail Designer

6. You can opt for a glossy nail polish

Gabi Melo

7. Or create a sophisticated proposal with the matte finish

Gabi Martins

8. Make the francesinha black stiletto nail, a charm!

Nails by Avril

9. They also look great on nails with stretching

luana aquino

10. Do you like shine? don’t leave him out

Marcely Tuzaki

11. It enhances any decor and makes it more glamorous

Sabrina Silva

12. Create in a smooth gradient

Jessica Correia Nails

13. Or stand out with the only child

Lilian Fernandes

14. Gold leaves are the perfect complement to black nails

Juliana Martins Nail Designer

15. Making enameling a luxury

Carla Beauty Studios

16. After all, gold and black have everything to do with decorated stiletto nails

Letícia Leal

17. This is a sure choice for a special occasion

Bia Le Mener

18. You can’t help but be enchanted by this design

Eduardo Nail Designer

19. The stones are perfect for raising the level of decoration

Studio Camila Gomes

20. Whether small or flashy


21. In elongated nails, there is no lack of space to create beautiful designs

Elina Anderson

22. The lines make the result more modern

Lunik Aguiar

23. Already the fire is super hot

Eduarda Cordeiro

24. It’s a great choice for women full of attitude

Rafaela Estevam

25. This nail shape is passionate

Tayssa Vasconcellos Nails

26. The black color is perfect because it’s a classic

Marcela Scarpa

27. In addition to matching any occasion

Grazzi Alvarenga

28. After all, nails are also part of an overproduction

Wagner Lights

29. This idea is worth trying out for the next glazing

Vania Souza

30. And feel even more powerful with these nails!

Keila Araújo

Whether for everyday or for a special occasion, this combination is flawless. And to be able to reproduce these beautiful designs, check out the tutorials below.

How to make black stiletto nail

Make your nails the perfect shape and color. By following the step-by-step videos below, you can do your nails at home and save money:

Natural black stiletto nail

It is possible to create the stiletto shape on 100% natural nails. For this you need to let your nails grow and then file them correctly and create the stilleto format. After that, just complete with black nail polish. Check out!

Black matte stiletto nail

If you want a fancy nail, then bet on this matte version. There is an enamel of its own that already has this finish, so just use the black color normally and then finish with it. See the tutorial for details.

Black stiletto nail with sandpaper

Want to turn your square nails into stiletto nails? Just follow this tutorial. With sandpaper it is possible to create the perfect shape so that your nails do not hurt you or interfere with your daily tasks. All the best!

Black stiletto nail in gel

The gel extension is perfect for those who can’t grow their nails too long or want the stiletto shape right away! Learn how to apply the product on natural nails and file them in the correct way. To perform this procedure, you will need a UV booth.

These nails will enhance your look. And if you’re looking for something elegant and delicate, don’t forget to check out oval nail ideas.