30 photos and step by step to bet on the trend


Karol Miranda

Indie nails are a fun and different way to paint your nails! They are composed of colorful, creative designs with a fluid aesthetic and without too many rules. This style of nail art has been successful on social networks and, to not be left out of this trend, check out the sequence of inspirations and tutorials!

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30 photos of indie nails to reproduce now

How about some inspirations to copy and even make new creations? Check out the nail art sequence and try not to fall in love!

1. Indie nails are about a fun footprint


2. So you can play around with different options

July Ninety Six

3. Betting on abstract designs


4. Or in some very colorful

Karol Miranda

5. Of course tie-dye nails wouldn’t be left out, right?

Lashes Nails + browns

6. And not the colorful francesinha


7. A nail art on each nail is a success

Karol Miranda

8. And it brings a colorful and creative aesthetic

Fabia Saint Andrew

9. By the way, creativity is all about indie nails

Larissa Cunegundes

10. You’ve already noticed that there are no rules, haven’t you?

Faith James

11. The important thing is for you to let go and create the best art

Hella Handmade Creations

12. And your nails can have different sizes and shapes, no problem!

Painted by Vicky

13. What do you think of this happy-face inspiration?

Karol Miranda

14. And speaking of happiness, how about a romantic nail?

Larissa Cunegundes

15. Yin and yang is a good choice and it’s on the rise


16. Just like the kitty’s nail, a big hit

Larissa Cunegundes

17. And you can adapt the trend your way

cat nady

18. For indie nails, play in colors

Tailor Cobb

19. And have fun with the tones and shapes

Karol Miranda

20. Check it out! What a cool option with neon

Darija Nails Zagreb

21. Fire drawings are also devastating

Chapeter 27

22. And what about the classic little flowers?


23. The combination of delicacy and style

Larissa Cunegundes

24. Wins anyone’s heart, do you agree?

Karol Miranda

25. As always, adaptations are welcome


26. Anything goes in indie nails!


27. Because they are full of attitude and charm

Painted by Vicky

28. Perfect for those who love to express themselves through their nails


29. So, ready to bet on the trend?

Larissa Cunegundes

30. Use and abuse indie nail inspirations and have fun!

Karol Miranda

Now that you are full of ideas, just start playing with the different designs! Following you will find tutorials to get nail art right!

How to do indie nails

Release play in the sequence of videos to learn how to do indie nails and also check out inspirations and trends from social media. Enjoy!

Indie Nail Stickers

An idea for those who want to make it easier when doing their nails is to paint stickers cards, so you only need to stick them later! In addition to being easier to draw on the card than in your own hand, you can take advantage of and make several cards and then just choose the one you want to use at any given time. Practical, right? The best part is that it’s super cheap too! Check out the video and learn how to make your own stickers!

Aesthetic Nail Tips and Ideas

In the video you can see nail art trends and how to do each one of them! Following the tutorial step by step and keeping an eye on the tips is no secret, you will be an indie nail hit! Take a look!

Recreating Nail Inspirations

How about watching indie nail reproductions? You can test them together at home or even find your own references and throw yourself into the drawings! It’s worth checking out and venturing into different nail styles. Unleash the creativity!

How to make different decorations

Check out this tutorial of several different nail arts! Trust me, it’s easy to do and you’re sure to have fun during the process. The video has steps to do the nails and tips to get the designs right the first time. Check out!

See how easy it is to have stylish nails? To continue being successful, also check out the main nail polish colors that are sure to be hits!

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