30 photos full of charm and glamor


Lili Esmalteria

Glitter encapsulated nails are very successful, not only for their beauty and glamor, but also for their durability. Encapsulation can be done on natural nails or artificially elongated. The nails are decorated and then gel, polygel, acrylic or acrigel is applied for encapsulation and protection of the art. Check out beautiful photos and see how the process is done!

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30 photos of encapsulated glitter nails full of charm and beauty

We made a selection of incredible photos of encapsulated nails with glitter that will leave you in love with the technique. Follow:

1. Glitter encapsulated nails are pure trend

Lili Esmalteria

2. And arrived to innovate the world of nail art

Lucinei Del Vecchio

3. The technique unites beauty and sophistication

Lili Esmalteria

4. Practicality and durability of decoration

Lily Monteiro

5. You can choose blue glitter

Nail designer-Itajai-SC

6. In golden color, which combines with clear enamels

Hannah Oliveira

7. Or at least little black

Rayner Damázio

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8. The important thing is to invest in a lot of brightness

Kelly Paquieli Nails

9. Encapsulated nails with silver glitter are always welcome

Studio Ana Carolina

10. For they convey fascination and elegance

Kamila Nail Polish

11. Gold, on the other hand, exudes wealth and glamor

Lopes Space

12. Silver glitter with red is guaranteed success

Lily Monteiro

13. Just like pink glitter, which imparts delicacy to the nails


14. Encapsulated nails can be done by stretching

Lizandra Bruda

15. Or on your natural nails


16. The effect is always amazing

Giselly Silva

17. You can combine glitter with lighter enamel

Sabrina LIma

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18. To add a more romantic touch

Bella Castro nail designer

19. Or convey a finer and more delicate touch

Vanderlene Maria

20. Here, the combination of red and glitter was bold

Laura Ariel makenails

21. Nails encapsulated with glitter can be used on a daily basis

Divine Nails

22. Or that most exquisite party

Aline Fernandes

23. The traditional francesinha also combines with glitter

Lopes Space

24. You can make a discreet and low-gloss art

Kelly Alves

25. Or use and abuse glitter in your favorite color

Giselly Silva

26. It will only depend on your taste

Thabata Dias

27. The encapsulation technique looks good on all nail shapes

Thabata Dias

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28. On the shortest and most natural nails

Eliane Lima

29. In the longer ones and in the ballerina format

Studio AN Esmalteria

30. And also in the stiletto format on the only daughter

Aline Fernandes

Did you like the encapsulated nails with glitter? In addition to being beautiful, they can last for about 20 days, as the nail art will be protected by the gel layer. A good option for the modern woman, isn’t it?

How to make encapsulated nails with glitter

After checking our selection, we are sure that you are curious about how encapsulated nails are made. Watch the videos below and learn more about the technique:

How to encapsulate nails with glitter

In this video, you will follow the step by step of stretching the nails with fiberglass and then the encapsulation process with glitter. See how the work is minute and incredible!

Encapsulated gel nails on tips

The gel technique at tips is one of the most used for nail lengthening. When encapsulated with glitter, they look even more beautiful and perfect. Watch the video and see how to make them!

Very natural encapsulated nails

Encapsulating your nails with glitter and leaving them with a very fine texture is a challenge for most professionals. In this video, you will see tips and tricks to make your nails beautiful and very natural. It’s worth watching!

If you have short nails and want to have them longer, you can choose to stretch with the gel nail technique. This procedure leaves the nails looking very natural and with the shape you want!

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