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Romeu Felipe

These photos of golden locks will make you go running to make an appointment at the hairdresser. It is not for nothing that the technique has been very successful among women: with the lighter threads, the face is illuminated and full of life. Below, you can find beautiful ideas to get inspired and tutorials to learn how to do it!

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30 photos of golden highlights that will impress you

It is worth changing the look and bet on the golden highlights. They are very versatile, as they adapt to different skin tones and hair textures. Check out an incredible selection of photos and find the one that suits you best.

1. The golden locks will win your heart

Romas Concept

2. You can abuse them and do it for all hair

Romeu Felipe

3. Or blend with the natural tone of your strands

Vinicius Matheus

4. They look amazing, whether it’s just at the ends

William Leite

5. Or all the hair

Felipe Hair

6. You can choose more intense tones

Marcilio Olavo

7. Or for a more delicate proposal

Dani Oliveira Hair

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8. The strands are even more beautiful with a smooth brush

Analu Beauty

9. And also finished with babyliss

Keren Gilgrados

10. They match any skin tone

Vero Nascimento

11. They look beautiful on those with the lightest skin

Dani Oliveira

12. And you can see how devastating they are in brunettes, right?

Suellen Azevedo

13. Speaking of curly hair, how about this inspiration?

Romeu Felipe

14. You can use your hair tossed aside

Romeu Felipe

15. Or split in half

Romeu Felipe

16. Golden highlights are also charming in short hair

Miror Hall

17. You can choose between more closed tones

Suellen Azevedo

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18. Or more open tones

Nelma Santos

19. If your hair is very short, apply the strands on the bangs

Visualité Beauty Salon

20. And, if it is longer, take care of the luminosity of the front strands

Symon Mh

21. They will make medium hair a lot more interesting

Gui Pedrosa

22. And give you a very attractive look

Romeu Felipe

23. In the dark roots, the gradient is even more incredible

Romeu Felipe

24. Even with shorter hair you can create this effect

Romas Concept

25. If your root is clearer, don’t worry. It looks wonderful too!

Marcos Vianna

26. Just a neat babyliss and you are ready for any event

João Victor Paiva

27. There’s no denying that the strands make a difference

Maison Luh

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28. It is worth investing in this wonderful technique

Clinic Hair Studio

29. The difficult thing will be to choose an option, among so many incredible

Dan Baracho

30. Bet on the golden locks to be even more beautiful and powerful!

Andrezza Luz

With so many wonderful reasons, it was clear that this technique is incredible. If you like to venture into paints and brushes, take a look at the tutorials below.

How to make golden locks

If you dye your hair at home, check out videos to learn how to reproduce this technique. You can use chemical products with some items that will facilitate this process, such as aluminum foils and pierced caps. Get your hands dirty and be surprised by the result!

Golden wicks with plastic cap

If you don’t have anyone to help you, don’t worry. This tutorial teaches you how to make the golden locks yourself. You will need a plastic cap to pull the strands and not leave your hair so marked. It looks amazing!

Golden locks for curly hair

This color looks beautiful in curly hair. In addition to the chemicals, you will also need some moisturizing creams to avoid damaging the health of your hair. It is possible to reproduce this technique alone, since the products are applied with gloves on the hands and towel on the neck to avoid stains.

Golden wicks with aluminum foils

In this version, the wicks are made in two processes: discoloration and coloring. First, the wires will be discolored with aluminum foil and chemicals. Then, just tone it so that the gold is not so striking. It is not possible to perform this procedure alone.

After being enchanted by these golden-streaked hair, check out these honey-colored ideas that are also to fall in love with!

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