30 photos that will convince you to join this trend


Josy Ramos

The pink box braids are perfect for women full of attitude. This style of braid is in fashion and with this color, the look will be even more amazing! Here are some pink box braid options and tutorials to create your own.

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30 pictures of pink box braids that will make you even more wonderful

With this braid style, you can choose between different thicknesses, lengths and shades of pink. See in practice how beautiful they are and choose your favorite:

1. The pink box braids are of African origin


2. This braid style joins natural with synthetic hair

Thais Ferreira

3. So you gain more length and volume

Luh Farias

4. It’s an easy way to change the look

Andreza Tavares

5. In addition to making the locks even more fun

Sandra Balde

6. They will complement your look

Mariana Viana

7. And don’t go unnoticed

Ana Passion

8. Look how amazing they look

Grace Santana

9. You can invest in a pink pink braids box

Beatriz Pereira

10. Or bet on the baby pink braids box


11. Pink combined with black is charming

Thayna Fernandes

12. You can also create a gradient with white

Mari Nex

13. If you like colorful, choose the pink and blue braids box

Thalyta Vasconcelos

14. Get creative and create a look with some highlights

Juliana Moraes

15. Highlight the long length

Castro Su

16. But if you prefer the shorter version, it will also be charming

Mariana Reis

17. Various cool hairstyles can be done with them

Larissa Gomes

18. Stuck or loose, they’re amazing

Mary Santos

19. They look beautiful with accessories, such as the bandana

Nesha Westland

20. You can use a single shade of pink

Sandra Balde

21. Or create a softer effect by braiding with the original hair

Gabrielle Santos

22. Choose the shade that suits you best

Ca Makeup Artist

23. No need to save on the amount of braids


24. Include some accessories to give a special charm

Fernanda Alvares

25. It’s the right choice for the summer

May Diniz

26. These braids will make your daily life more practical

Ana Claudia

27. And also look stylish for a special event


28. No wonder they are so successful

Juliana Santana

29. It’s worth trying this trend

Emily Rana

30. Pink box braids are perfect for any woman!

Aline Sammara

If you want to make an impact with your look, you need to invest in these braids. And to put them into practice, check out the step-by-step videos below.

How to make pink box braids

How about making your own box braids? So you don’t depend on the salon hours and you can also save money. Just follow the tutorials below:

5 ways to make box braids alone

This guide will make it much easier to make the box braids yourself. The video features 5 different braid styles, varying thickness and styles. Choose your favorite version and put it into practice.

Chanel pink braids box

Did you like the shorter box braids? So just follow the chanel style. They are shoulder length and are made with thicker crochet thread. This is a very practical option for everyday life.

Pink ombre braids box

This style of braids is perfect for blending in with your original hair. It creates a beautiful gradient and helps to increase the length of the strands. The process is done with your fingers and the extension is done with jumbo hair.

Box braids with jumbo hair

In this video you will find the step-by-step instructions for putting the box braids on yourself with jumbo hair. Just buy a pink version to make your hair look amazing! And of course, be sure to follow the guidelines to maintain the health of natural hair.

With these pink box braids you’ll get attention wherever you go! So, it’s worth putting this idea in your head, literally! And to innovate on a daily basis and make your look even more surprising, check out these options for hairstyles with box braids.

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