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Jessica Andrade

The layered cut for curly hair is a great option for those who want to give a modern look to the look. According to hairdresser Eliza Estrela, he gives more movement to the hair and harmonizes the face. Did you like it and want to know more? Then find out how to renew your style!

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Best layered cuts for curly hair

This type of cut works well for any type of face, but there are some variations, as Eliza tells us. That is, whether you have longer or shorter strands, you will certainly gain lightness and volume in your locks. Check out more details below:

It is worth noting that cutting in layers removes unnecessary weight from the threads. According to Eliza, it helps to highlight and straighten the curls, leaving the hair with a more rounded and beautiful shape. So, without a doubt, this is one of the most sought after styles in beauty salons.

How to cut curly hair in layers

The layers are very loved by the curly. But it is important that you follow some rules so that your wires are the size and shape you expect. For this, we have listed tutorials from people who have tested at home and loved the new look. Check out!

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How to cut in layers in short curls

Do you have the strands up to your shoulders and want to learn how to cut layers for curly hair yourself? So watch this video and find out how simple and fast it is.

Layers in medium curls

Now, if your curls are medium, you will certainly love to know the tips in this video. This cut can be done by yourself at home.

Cut in layers to add volume

One of the advantages of the layered bunch is the volume. Learn how to make your hair very bulky, balanced and healthy looking!

Best layered cut for long curly hair

Do you love your long hair, but are afraid of scissors? Then check here how to cut your locks and leave them with beautiful layers and in the size you want.

Eliza also stresses that the layered cut is unique, but the variations will give it that special touch. In addition, the hair above the shoulders is more rounded. That is, you will be able to see a beautiful curly one even using a chanel.

30 layered cut photos for curly hair that are a hit

Have you been delighted with everything you’ve seen so far and are in the mood to change radically? Then check out layered cutting ideas for curly hair and get inspired!

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1. You own wonderful curls

Crystal WestBrooks

2. And are looking for that special touch

Giovana Cordeiro

3. Enhance your wires

Nina Gabriella

4. Renew your look

Gill Vianna

5. And bring more lightness to your face?

Manes By Mell

6. Then get to know the layered cut for curly hair

Franchelli Rodriguez

7. It looks perfect on all face shapes

Jessica Andrade

8. And it fits well in different sizes

Mari Morena

9. From the shortest

Amanda Farah

10. Even the middle threads

Bruna Ramos

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11. Or curls with fringes

Samantha Marçal

12. The longest locks

Amanda Martins

13. They also gain a cool move

Gill Vianna

14. And a makeover in personal style

Lyla Matos

15. Incidentally, dyes also benefit

Lari Vieira

16. The magic of layers

Sarah Oliveira

17. Who does not give up renewed hair


18. And highlighted curls

Donna Paula

19. You’ll love the layered cut for curly hair

Nanda Chaves

20. Layers are also indicated

Thayná Freire

21. For those who are afraid to cut their hair

Lore Souza

22. And they suffer every time they go to the hairdresser

Adriany Stefany

23. Because they think the wires will get smaller

Ingra Cristina

24. This technique maintains the length

Gisele Martins

25. Gives a special volume

Ingrid Silva

26. More modernity in everyday life

Priscilla Raquel

27. And gives women a unique power

Clara Chanttal

28. If you are looking to change…


29. Go ahead and don’t be afraid


30. Surely, you will look even more beautiful!

Camila Vieira

Now that you know all about layered cutting for curly hair, how about calling your hairdresser? In addition, also check out the various curl activator options to look more beautiful and with defined springs!

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