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Leo Silva Tattoo

By Thais Regina

On 06.06.21

Thinking of getting a new delicate feminine tattoo? An amazing option is the branch tattoo, which symbolizes faith, respect, victory and peace. There are several options for those who are thinking of getting this tattoo. Different strokes, sizes and colors. So, check out some ideas below.

1. Have you ever thought about getting a branch tattoo?


2. She is a very delicate tattoo

Paloma Maya

3. And it looks beautiful in various parts of the body


4. The tatto can be small

Caio Cherry

5. Or be bigger branches.


6. Next to the shoulder blades, it overflows with delicacy

Maju Fleet

7. But she can also ooze sensuality


8. Use creativity to combine with other elements

Love Ink

9. There are several options, one more beautiful than the other


10. How about a branch tattoo with the friend?

Jaderson Perez

11. A delicate streak oozes lightness


12. You can also vary the location of the tattoo


13. Because this design is very versatile


14. Be close to the ribs

Black Flora Tattoo

15. On the feet is a charm

Black Flora Tattoo

16. Already in the arms is passionate

Black Flora Tattoo

17. How about your hands?

Nycolas Zanotto

18. Color brings a different charm

Sasha Vorobiova

19. But she in black and skin is also striking


20. One more color option for you

Sasha Vorobiova

21. All these tattoos are amazing!

Sasha Vorobiova

22. So don’t get stuck in just one drawing

Oleksandra Frank

23. And not at one place

Gean Silva Tattoo Artist

24. Can’t choose? Alright, make several!

Tamires Giarola

25. How about using different fills?

Jenny Low

26. On the wrist, the branch tattoo looks amazing

27. And you can combine it with another design

28. After so many ideas


29. Choose your favorite branch tattoo


30. And rock even more with your new tatto!

Leo Silva Tattoo

There are so many amazing ideas, aren’t they? And best of all, the branch tattoo combines with different styles and personalities, in other words, it has an option for all tastes! If you love botanical tattoos then check out these flower shoulder tattoo ideas.

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