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Do you know the brigde piercing? If you’re a fan of piercings as accessories, you’ll certainly love this idea. It is done on the forehead, between the eyes, and the result is very stylish. Translated into Portuguese, “bridge” means “bridge”, which alludes to the end-to-end effect of this piercing style. How about reading more about it through a professional?

4 cares to keep your piercing beautiful and healthy

Despite being beautiful, some care is essential for a good healing and keeping it looking beautiful. Check out some recommendations made by body piercer Elen Scharlau Morcegona:

  1. Hydration and nutrition: “Drinking plenty of water and taking care of your food is essential. You will need your immune system working well to heal the skin after the piercing”;
  2. In a hurry: “make ice packs or warm salt water when swollen”;
  3. Cleaning: “It is important to clean daily, twice a day, with a cotton swab and saline solution. This will help to remove the remains of pus and blood from the place”;
  4. Do not fiddle around with the piercing: “friction becomes a problem when the “shells” are forming and healing”;
  5. Very attention: “It is necessary to be very careful not to tangle the jewel in clothes and towels or sleep on top of it. The trauma in the perforation will generate some problems in healing”.

With these cares it will be easier to keep your piercing wonderful. After all, a place with such visibility deserves your full attention.

Main questions about piercing bridge to play on the accessory

Giulia Nasi

What is the average price?

ESM: Elen says he works with 2 values, which already include jewelry and application. “R$70 with surgical steel jewelry or R$100 with titanium jewelry”.

What is the most recommended type of piercing?

ESM: The best jewelry is straight with titanium material. “Titanium jewelry does not contain nickel, which is the material that some people are allergic to, it is lighter and biocompatible with our body, but at the correct depth.”

Really hurts?

ESM:If pain is your concern, rest assured. “It’s the piercing that hurts the least all over the face.”

Is it possible to change the piercing alone, if you want to change the jewelry?

ESM: It is possible, but not very indicated. “It’s a little difficult to change the piercing alone, unless you have a lot of skill at your fingertips.” The professional also emphasizes: “if a trauma occurs in the perforation, the person should make long compresses of brine (warm salt water).”

Now just make an appointment at the piercing studio. And to choose your favorite model, check out some inspirations below.

20 piercing bridge photos that will help you choose yours

The brigde piercing fits the personality of different women. To find the one that best suits your style, check out this selection:

1. This amazing piercing will win you over

Stevenage Underground Tattoos

2. It will give a look up

Piercing Wiki

3. And it doesn’t go unnoticed

Stone Tattoo Palace

4. Perfect for women of attitude

font name

5. And to give your look a modern touch

Riber Piercer

6. It looks beautiful in big productions

Rossella Lady

7. But it can also fit into a more delicate proposal

Piercing Wiki

8. You can choose between a longer piercing

Paty Schuster

9. Or fairer

VeAn Tattoo Nikopol

10. Your look will definitely be more impactful with it

Thais Hofmann

11. Silver jewelry goes with everything

Nubia Sixtus

12. And a little black dress is also very versatile

Fernanda Camila

13. Anyway, the piercing bridge looks beautiful

Nefertari Amonet

14. Nothing prevents you from combining it with other holes

bat body

15. Well, it’s a face space that allows for wonderful combinations

Sabrina LFR

16. How about complementing with this proposal that also imitates the bridge style on the nose?

Kelly Morow

17. After all, the more piercings the more stylish you look


18. It brings fun to makeup

Raquel da Costa

19. And it stands out even more in a neutral skin

Dominique Antoinette Tesoriero

20. No wonder so many women are joining this trend

Tattoo Bruno 49

After this information and inspiration, it was easier to include this accessory in the wish list. And if you are a fan of these jewels, check out the piercing smile as well, it will brighten your smile.

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