40 nail designs to rock with tone


Vanessa Manoel

If you love to polish your nails, you know that, every year, new colors appear that become trend and make your nails more and more fashionable. With the light blue enamel, it is no different – the color matches everything and has nuances for all tastes. Check out photos of nails with the tone and tutorials to decorate yours at home!

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40 photos of nails with light blue enamel full of beauty and delicacy

Next, you can check out our incredible selection of photos with the most beautiful enamelled nails with this tone full of glamor and versatility:

1. Light blue enamel is innovative

Larina Ribeiro

2. Perfect for those who want to bet on other colors

AP nails

3. And escape from traditional tones

Thalita nails

4. Light blue enamel matches any nail art

Daniele Lima

5. Can be in simpler decorations

Emili Dreyer

6. In the most delicate

Ana Claudia Ferraz

7. In the most worked, with stones and rhinestones

Joyce Senna Nails

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8. With glitter only on the only daughter

Erika France

9. With that romantic touch

Nathalia Monteiro

10. Or without any decoration

Andrea Jaques

11. You can combine the light blue shade with darker ones

Larina Ribeiro

12. And bet on brightness

Debora Nails Designer

13. Here, the stones stood out in the light blue enamel

Erica Ornelas

14. See what a delicate job these nails are!

Larina Ribeiro

15. With the light blue enamel, you can let your imagination run wild

Eduarda Lima Studio

16. And abuse the stones and jewels

Nanda Dias

17. Even having the sweetest personality

Michele Oliveira Space

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18. More daring

Studio Beleza & Stillo

19. Or more creative and innovative

Studio Delicatta

20. You can express your feelings

NS Space

21. Opt for the art that suits you the most

Carol Silva nails

22. Or choose your favorite light blue shade

Katiuce Miguel

23. The flowers go well with the light blue enamel


24. Because they stand out with color

Jakeline Barbosa

25. Be in a shade more pulled to baby blue

Caruline Oliveira

26. Or closer to the sky blue

Polly nails

27. The light blue enamel is delicate in the hands

Carol Silva

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28. You can combine it with the tie-dye trend

Vanessa Manoel

29. Choosing a simple nail art

Vanessa Manoel

30. Write a word on your nails that you can identify with

Anna Paula Lima

31. Or choose a tone that matches your skin more

Fabricia Ramos

32. See how the light blue nail polish looks perfect on encapsulated nails!

May Kastro Nail Polish

33. Because the light blue tone is very luxurious

Rosane Moreira

34. Conveys beauty and glamor

Cintia Souza

35. With a lot of elegance and sophistication

Anselma Favretto Atelier

36. Looks good for day to day activities

Tatiana Dalmaso

37. For the hottest events

Cristiana Serpa Will

38. More stripped

Laís Pinheiro

39. Or more classics

Studio Grazi Maria

40. Really, the light blue enamel goes with everything!

Vanessa Manoel

If you want to get away from traditional colors and innovate in nail polish, light blue nail polish is a good option, isn’t it?

The best light blue nail polishes

Next, check out the best products, with different shades of light blue to help you choose your favorite. Check it out:

  • Light blue enamel Dailus Tie Podes Believe: the tie-Dailus line was inspired by shades of tie-dye prints. So, if you are already a fan of the trend, you can take advantage of the color of the light blue nail polish on your nails and combine it with your clothes.
  • Vult Blue Cyanite Stone: with the launch of the 5Free Energia das Pedras line, Vult offers colors inspired by the vibrations of natural stones. The light blue enamel of the brand has quick drying and high durability, besides providing a uniform color and being vegan.
  • Marina Impala Blue Nail Polish: for those who love enamel with a creamy texture and a lighter shade, but does not dispense with intense shine, the Impala’s light blue color provides all of this. In addition, the brand promises perfect coverage, long lasting and quick drying.
  • Anita Carioca Nail Polish: this shade of the Anita brand is perfect for those who want lighter and more delicate nails. The enamel has a creamy texture and is formulated with vitamins and minerals that strengthen the nails. If you like to dare, you can add a lot of glitter to highlight the color.
  • Blue Diamond Nail Polish Ana Hickmann Celebration: the blue diamond color of the Ana Hickmann Celebration collection is very beautiful and elegant. The brand promises enamelled nails with a lot of shine and durability to shine in everyday life and any occasion.
  • Avon Mystical Fantasies Blue Mystic Nail Polish: Avon has consolidated itself as one of the brands that have a great diversity of nail polish colors on the market. This color is inspired by the tone of mermaids and unicorns, has a sparkling and pearly texture. Great option for those who love decorating their nails!

So, have you chosen the nail polish brand and your favorite blue shade? Now, watch videos with tutorials for you to learn how to do amazing nail art on your nails!

How to make nails decorated with light blue enamel

We selected videos that present the step by step of how to make nails decorated with the light blue tone. These are easy tutorials that you can play yourself at home. Check out:

Easy to make nail art with light blue enamel

In this video, you learn how to make a Spanish double Frenchwoman with the color blue in her only daughter. The professional finishes the decoration with glitter, which gives an extra touch to art. Watch it!

Baby color nails with light blue enamel

Here, nail designer Isabele teaches you how to stretch your nails with fiberglass and then make a nail art using light blue gradient enamel. Watch the video and see how beautiful and delicate it was!

Nails decorated with one stroke flower

The one stroke decoration is very subtle and requires more skill. In this video, the professional Aline Makelyne shows the step by step of how to make flowers with light blue details using the technique. It’s worth watching!

If you are one of those who love to test new colors and trends, enjoy and check out photos of nails with metallic enamel and tips from the best brands to buy!

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