40 photos to choose the tone that suits you best


Bru Bernardi

Orange nails are radiant, vibrant and full of life! Orange is a color that gives life to the hands of those who love flashy colors. So, we brought you some inspirations and 3 videos that will help you to include this incredible color in your nails.

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40 photos of orange nails to brighten your nails

Ready to find the most varied orange nail ideas? The following is a list of images with different shades of that color and beautiful decorations. Come and see:

1. Who doesn’t love vibrant hues?

Cris Oliveira

2. Orange nails are one of those shades

Lilia Paula

3. And if you like different colors, orange is for you

Gabi Nails

4. You can have it in more classic tones

Gabi Nails

5. Or, if you prefer, in much more intense tones!

Gabi Nails

6. What if you want a very clear one? Also has!

Gabi Nails

7. Orange nails bring freedom

Bru Bernardi

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8. Talks a lot about your tastes and differences

Bru Bernardi

9. It is made for you who love to dare

Bru Bernardi

10. You can use it in a more closed tone


11. Use and abuse the most varied decorations

Ana Claudia

12. Or use it in that very basic format


13. Orange nails can be your favorites for events

Najara Souza

14. They can be the ideal shade for your daily life

Ana Claudia

15. The truth is that this color can be for whatever you want!

Aninha Hood

16. Do you want to combine it with black? Go with everything!

Beatriz Otto

17. Are you looking for a shade but pulled to red? Has!

Vanessa Coutinho

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18. And even single daughters look beautiful with orange

Divas space

19. This color matches all nail models

Lorena Souza

20. Looks wonderful with all skin tones

Day Costa

21. So don’t worry, it will suit you!

Michele Hunter

22. Orange nails create great gradients

Gabi Wienbeck

23. And is there a pastel shade of orange? It exists and it is beautiful!

Maira Campos

24. Don’t you like all orange nails? Mix it with another color

Nani Manicure

25. Look at the only French girl with that color! Beautiful ins’t she?


26. With nails in that shade you become even more powerful

Ray Nunes

27. If it is filled with decorations, the power is even greater!


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28. You deserve wonderful orange nails like you

Ana Frizon

29. To differentiate the classic? Golden glitter!

Color in nails

30. And even the matte black leaves the perfect orange on the nails

Adriana Tavares

31. Do you know when you can’t choose a color? Use orange!

Jessica Marques

32. Do you want something beautiful and not extravagant? Only daughter with glitter

Cantinho da Ju

33. And the more in the shade of orange, the better!

Vere nails

34. Want another tip? Combine colored stones in a darker tone!

Thais Vieira

35. Or throw yourself in the most varied decorations with vibrant colors

Lígia Danielle

36. Orange nails are full of life

Daiani Oliveira

37. While symbolizing the subtlety that exists in every woman

Gaby Wienbeck

38. Orange is a cheerful color, just like you when you paint your nails with it

Andreia Martins

39. You deserve to enjoy this color in your hands

Flavia Cristina

40. You deserve to have beautiful and vibrant orange nails!

Tais Jancovic

Did you like the ideas? There are many, right? The good thing about this is that you can test each one whenever you want to use your orange nail polish. But don’t worry, we have 3 amazing tutorials waiting for you in the next topic!

How to make orange nails

Now that you have some inspirations to follow, get ready to put your skills to use! Check out tutorials that will give you impeccable orange nails.

Nail polish with neon orange

In this video, Tatty will show you all the steps to create a beautiful orange nail polish. The nail polish she uses is Pisa Menos, from Impala’s Neon Power collection, and adds a very subtle golden glitter. Check everything and do it at home!

Orange nails with decoration

Follow all the nail polish that Faby teaches to create orange nails with decorations. It explains everything you need to know to reproduce these nails. Come and see!

Nails sunset with orange and yellow

Learn how to create this beautiful decoration on your nails. In the video, you check all the necessary materials and can follow the entire process of creating the sunset nail done in yellow and orange. And of course, all the steps to decorate your nails with drawn arts.

Did you like orange nail inspirations? This vibrant color looks very beautiful on your nails, you see, right? But if you want something more neutral and very basic, also check out the inspirations with gray enamel and rock wherever you are!

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