40 photos to fall in love in the hairstyle


Nanda Chaves

From casual to sophisticated, the curly ponytail is a great choice. It helps shape your face and will make your routine more practical. With beautiful curls, it stands out even more and creates a wonderful effect!

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40 photos of curly ponytail full of style and personality

This hairstyle will further enhance your beauty. Despite having a more common model, it is possible to innovate in hairstyles with very modern designs, accessories and preparations!

1. The ponytail is the right choice for curly hair.

Camilla de Lucas

2. It can be used at a party


3. Or be practical for everyday life

Letícia Ramalho

4. It’s a hairstyle that values ​​women’s beauty

Paula Amorim

5. And it creates a beautiful frame for the face

Black Makex

6. Your variations are amazing and very creative

Nanda Chaves

7. How about this version with drawings?

Such Britto

8. This braided base makes the look even more interesting

Curly Gab

9. The fake hair tail is perfect to save time

Elania Angels

10. Create different scalp styles


11. Want to add a splash of color?

Carolina Rodrigues

12. A very smooth base is synonymous with a lot of elegance

Dula Cabral

13. Leaving two strands on the front is a great idea

Jessica Santini

14. The low tail is very chic

josie bee

15. It gets more sophisticated with the curls back

Victory Lorrayne

16. Give that up by adding an accessory. like a tieback

ruka hair

17. Or a little colored bow

Thamires Stephane

18. Color versions do not go unnoticed

Tef braids

19. And make hair more fun

Bruna Faria

20. Surprise and hook the tail to the side

Andressa Lorde

21. He looks wonderful in this position

Fernanda Jeronimo

22. Perfect to match a laid-back look

Isa Birth

23. And if you have braids, it’s going to rock even more!

Camilla de Lucas

24. The tail looks beautiful in a more discreet proposal

Dayse Oliveira

25. Or with a lot of volume and full curls

Laila Castro

26. Save this idea to go to a future wedding

Lais Hairstyles

27. The big earrings go great with this hairstyle

Mayara Franciele

28. It’s the ideal choice to make your looks stand out

Anna Santos

29. Nothing looks bad with this hair

Steffany Borges

30. It makes any woman even more wonderful

ruka hair

31. Helps bring more prominence to a beautiful makeup

Ianca Ribeiro

32. Is it more daring? Bet on this braided version

Studio L Barcelos

33. Tie the hair right on top of the head to create volume

maya chante

34. Be with the longest strands

Taliyah Cruz

35. Or with medium and short wires


36. This hairstyle has no mistake

Cecilia Santos

37. How about this very fair and powerful option?


38. Even with your hair up you can feel comfortable

Mayara Franciele

39. Whether on the beach, on a daily basis or at events

Paula Cardoso Beauty

40. The curly ponytail won’t come out of your head


It’s not hard to fall in love with this beautiful hairstyle, is it? Best of all is its versatility and variety of combinations.

How to do hairstyle with a curly ponytail without having to go to the salon

You can tie the strings yourself and impress with a wonderful ponytail. In order not to make a mistake and make a mess of the finish, follow the tutorials step by step below:

3 Easy and Amazing Curly Ponytail Options

How about testing 3 different options? This video will help you accomplish this task. The proposals are very simple, perfect to give that up-to-date look.

How to make a ponytail with synthetic hair

The synthetic ponytail will save you on the busiest days. It is very practical and perfect for when you want to play with new styles. Check how to put it correctly so that it is in harmony with the scalp.

Trick to lengthen the curly ponytail

In this video you learn a great trick to make your curly ponytail longer. The secret is to tie only part of the hair, leaving the rest with its natural length. Thus, the tail will be elongated as a whole and become even more interesting.

Say goodbye to dull ponytail

Pinning your hair is easy, but creating a gorgeous hairstyle is even better. Here, you can check out some variations for tying your hair in different styles. The side fringe version is perfect for a more elegant production.

fast curly ponytail

Don’t want to waste time, but want a nice ponytail? This video will show you how to get this result in seconds. For this you will need a fabric tiara with wire, to leave the curls in place and bring a charm to your production.

You can already add the ponytail to the favorite hairstyle folder. And for you to transform your look even more and leave the strands shining, check out these curly hair inspirations with highlights.

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