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Pearly lights are perfect for those who want brighter and brighter hair with delicacy and sophistication. The tone is very clear, seeks to imitate the color of pearls and is a favorite among celebrities and influencers. Check out beautiful photos for all tastes and styles!

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40 photos of hair with pearly lights to renew the look

If you want to make that look up and don’t know what to do, check out our selection of photos that are pure inspiration!

1. Pearly lights are on the rise

Monara Raquel

2. They are very suitable for those who want to redesign the look

Abias Teixeira

3. And bet on a brighter look

Sergiane Constâncio

4. Pearly tone looks good on short hair

Sergiane Constancio

5. Enhances curly hair


6. And gives movement to the longest strands

Studio Imagem Camila Varotti

7. Pearly lights make the look more modern

Nataly Rodrigues

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8. Match all types of hair

Nataly Rodrigues

9. And they are perfect for those who want to be blonde without radicalizing

Eline Amorim

10. Or just lighten the tone of the darker strands

Josy Tavares

11. Pearly lights explore the beauty of curly and wavy

Josy Tavares

12. Ensuring a natural effect


13. And full of balance

Manoela Gomes

14. Mature women also adhered to the pearly tone

Laerton Duarte

15. Because color has the power to rejuvenate

Rosiane Lisboa

16. At any stage of life

Van Capelli

17. The lights can be thicker

Lorens House

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18. Thinner

Laerton Duarte

19. Or with the smoky root

Lorens House

20. That way, you will have a more natural effect

Lucas Sanchez

21. A gradient effect, as the hair grows

Bruno Stracke

22. And it can decrease the amount of touch up at the root

Cristiano Simões

23. In order not to harm so many wires


24. And keep them beautiful and healthy

Laerton Duarte

25. Pearly highlights promote lightness to black hair

Salao Wgama

26. Provides an incredible look

Lenir Aguiar

27. Full of beauty and luminosity

Girls Space

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28. And are highlighted in any hairstyle

Fathus Hairdressers

29. And perfect for women of all styles

Odelva hairdresser

30. You can dare without fear

Lucas Sanchez

31. Because the rule is to always feel good

Carla Verena Room

32. And the pearly tone provides that

Laerton Duarte

33. Very glamorous and sophisticated

Nice Lounge

34. Pearly lights highlight bangs with bangs

Josi Hairdresser

35. Just like layered cuts

Lydy Passos Hairdresser

36. Pearly lights are among the most requested

Esther Estetic Hair

37. When it comes to feeling more confident about your appearance

Viviane Oliveira

38. Raise self-esteem

Josy Lopes Makeup

39. And feel good about yourself

Vinícius Capelli

40. So, did you like the inspirations?

Viviane Oliveira

The pearly tone is a variation of platinum blonde, champagne and light blonde. Perfect for women looking for a delicate and glamorous look.

How to make pearly highlights in hair

We selected videos that present the step by step of how to make pearly lights and valuable tips to obtain a perfect result. It’s worth watching!

Pearly lights on the cap

In this video, you follow the tutorial on how to make the lights on the cap and also receive important tips to achieve the tone and the desired result. Watch it!

Pearly lights to disguise the white threads

The lights are perfect allies to disguise the white threads, especially if you don’t like to dye your hair frequently. Watch the video and check out how to do it using pearl blond color tint 10.89.

Touching up the lights with the pearly tone

The influencer Vivi Martins’ hair was in a honey blond tone and she opted to touch up the pearl highlights. Did this change please? Watch the video and see the result!

Pearly lights with smoky roots

The smoky root is a great ally of those who love lights with a more natural effect. Follow the step by step how to do it and see how it turned out!

If you want to highlight your hair and have not yet decided which shade to choose, check out inspirations of platinum lights to help you decide.

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