45 ideas and how to care [FOTOS + VÍDEOS]


Bobo Matjila

Brown curly hair ensures a powerful and stylish look, but requires some care, like all types of curls. Whether it is natural or dyed, this tone came to show that, in a basiquinho, there is nothing – in fact, there are several hairstyles and cuts that you can adhere to. Check out!

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45 photos of brown curly hair for a stunning look

With inspirations ranging from short to very long, the list below will elicit sighs from those who are already familiar with brown or will convince you to make an appointment in the salon right away!

1. Brown curly hair can look basic

Camila Pitanga

2. But many divas are in love with him


3. Be letting the curls loose

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4. Or by locking the locks in a stripped bun


5. The color will surprise you for its versatility


6. Curly hair with bangs is a hit

Caroline Ursogrande

7. And the peak cut brings more movement to the curls

Bianca Santana

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8. Betting on the short is always a sure option


9. And the long is also not left behind

Rafaela Oliveira

10. Accessories are always welcome

Marília Aguena

11. But, alone, the curls do the trick

Lore Souza

12. Brown curly hair with highlights is amazing

Jaz McNew

13. Be with only points of illumination

Gabi Fresh

14. With more apparent lights

Gabi Fresh

15. Tips only

Amanda Bella Ciss

16. Or well spread out

Daiane Alves

17. The lights will never let you down


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18. The shade of brown can also vary

Lucy Ramos

19. Honey brown, for example

Ms. Pauline Luddie Brown

20. Is a superversatile light brown shade


21. And that may surprise you

Amanda Walker

22. For the sweetness it brings to the look

Dayna Bolden

23. Another trend is coppery brown

Melanin Cravings

24. As the name says

Gabi Fresh

25. This tone brings a metallic touch to the wires

Daiane Fercine

26. Which brings you closer to the redhead

Bobo Matjila

27. He is elegant

Jessica Melo

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28. Gives a hint of romanticism


29. And even sensuality

Alicia Herbeth

30. And the darling of all is the chocolate brown

Raissa Santana

31. Which is a darker shade, which approaches black

Laura (Lola) Cocks

32. Curly hair looks AMAZING in that tone

Maju Silva

33. And in the sun, it is light and soft

Serrender Herrera

34. You can’t help but fall in love

Raissa Santana

35. For such beauty and charm

Mary tj

36. Ah! We cannot forget …

Maria Isabel

37. That curly hair up can take your breath away

Ana Lídia Lopes

38. Because he values ​​the tone

Natalia Love

39. And offers the necessary comfort for everyday life


40. By now, you may have already convinced yourself

Carol Castilho

41. That brown curly hair is exactly what you need


42. To further enhance your beauty

Alicia Herbeth

43. Because the hue is stunning


44. And matches any type of cut

Tanesha Awasthi

45. Ready for a boring look?


Now yes! After so many inspirations, how about presenting your curls in that passionate tone?

Tips and care with brown curly hair

And so you don’t leave here without knowing what care is needed with this type of hair, be sure to check out the following tips:

Tone retouch with highlights

In the video, Camilla Santana tells how it was to touch up the tone and add lighter nuances to the curls. She emphasizes that it is a difficult process and that it can go wrong if you do it at home, but she showed exactly how the professional arrived at the desired result.

Whitening hair without bleaching

In the video, Thamires Stephane shows how she lightened her hair (which was black) without having to bleach it. The result reaches a very soft, undamaged and beautiful honey brown! Worth checking out.

How to maintain hair color

Using the techniques of shampoozada and tinting, Nanda Chaves shows a complete step by step so that the dark brown tone is maintained. She redoes the process every 20 days, but each hair reacts in a different way.

3 homemade moisturizers for curly hair

And it is obvious that there could be no shortage of tips to avoid drying out the threads, right? In this video, Vitoria Lorrayne teaches 3 homemade moisturizers that will strengthen the locks, define the curls and even prevent the tone from fading.

You are already feeling the power of brown curls, right? And if you’re looking for even darker shades, get inspired with ideas of black curly hair right now!

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