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Finding a good concealer for black and dark skin is a big challenge for many women. However, the cosmetics market has been developing and creating new options to serve this audience. So, check out in this article some incredible tips for you who have this skin tone, in addition to brands with wonderful colors.

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Tips for choosing concealer for black skin

Each woman is unique and has a different skin color, with its characteristics and peculiarities. Therefore, it is very common not to find makeup tones exactly the same as your skin tone. However, there are some basic tips that can help you choose the concealer for black and dark skin.

  • Notice the skin tone: for those who have black skin, the best option are the concealers with a warm background, such as orange or yellow. It must monitor the skin tone, so it is important to test it.
  • Apply the product on the face: the ideal is to apply the concealer for black and dark skin directly on the face. That’s because most women test on the back of the wrist, which is not correct.
  • Watch out for very light tones: the lighter options work like an illuminator. Therefore, care should be taken when using lighter shades and highlighting imperfections.
  • How to soften the stains: if you want to hide the pimples, choose a concealer for black skin with green tone and then cover with a concealer in your skin tone. Thus it will be possible to hide the pink and red spots.
  • Experiment: you may not find a perfect color for your skin type. Then you can buy two shades similar to yours and mix them up.
  • Know your tone when tanning: notice your skin tone when tanned. You may need to buy more than one concealer to use when your skin is more golden.
  • Less is more: pay attention to the amount of concealer used. The less product, the more natural you will look.

Undoubtedly, these tips can be followed by both light and dark black women. What counts is to know yourself, know what looks good on your skin and try different brands.

5 incredible concealer options for black skin

For years, black and brown women had to adapt to the cosmetics industry, as there were no specific products for them. However, some companies have realized the importance of developing makeup for this audience. So, let’s get to know the most beloved black skin concealer brands from bloggers.

1. Avon Power Stay Liquid Concealer – $

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This concealer for black and dark skin has a good variety of dark tones. It promises a high durability and maintain the comfortable feeling during its use. In addition, the formula provides medium coverage and a natural finish, covering imperfections, dark circles and marks.

“This concealer is very beautiful and has beautiful packaging. The applicator is small and the smell is good, different from other Avon makeups. ” – Jossyara Santtos

2. Duo Sculpt Feels Castanha 20 and Cocoa 90 concealer, from Ruby Rose – $$

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Ruby Rose’s concealer for black skin is considered excellent. It has a high coverage and its dark chocolate tone is especially pleasing to the most refined women. Without a doubt, this is a great brand, which has been falling in the taste of many consumers. In fact, it is worth noting that the product comes in two different shades, which are used for different purposes.

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“This is a very powerful concealer[…], gave a good light and was beautiful. My skin has a beautiful light and a discreet outline. ” – Full of tricks

3. Multicover Liquid Concealer, by Bruna Tavares – $$$

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This concealer for black skin offers a great result. It has a medium to high coverage and moisturizes the area below the eyes. In addition, it has a rejuvenating active, which helps to leave a healthier appearance. Without a doubt, you will love the color variation of this product.

“What I liked about the concealer is that it has a high and very creamy coverage, which gives a more moisturizing aspect to the skin.” – Camila Nunes

4. Vizzela Liquid Concealer, from Vizzela – $$$$

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Vizzela’s concealer for black and dark skin has a beautiful packaging and an easy to use applicator. It has 12 different shades, which meet the expectations of black women with light skin and darker skin. Its formula is vegan, that is, it is not tested on animals. In fact, the product still has a matte effect, high coverage and leaves the feeling of velvety skin.

“Vizzela’s packaging is cute, it’s a vegan formula and has high coverage. The applicator is one of the best things about this product. ” – Marisa Lopes

5. MAC Studio Fix 24-hour Concealer – $$$$$

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MAC concealer helps to disguise skin discolorations and deep dark circles. Its formula allows the product to remain intact for 15 hours, which is perfect for those who do not have time to retouch the make up. Just apply it with your finger or a brush to get a natural skin feel.

“I love this concealer, it is wonderful. This is the most dry concealer I’ve ever used and it has a high coverage, just the way I like it. ” – Marisa Lopes

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When choosing the ideal concealer, remember to pay attention to the characteristics of your skin. The driest ones go very well with more creamy and moisturizing products, while the oily ones, ask for a matte effect concealer.

Black skin concealer reviews

Now that you know the most used concealer brands for black and dark skin, check out some unmissable tips. Certainly these videos will help you to use this makeup in the right way.

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Now that you know the most amazing brands of concealer for black and dark skin, find out how to care for your eye region. Learn how to eliminate dark circles through these foolproof tips.

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