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Black lipstick is not one of the most loved in the world, but it makes a difference in production! If you haven’t yet bet on that color, it’s time to live that moment and rock. We separated the best brands of this passionate color, tutorials on how to apply and make at home and inspiring images of make up with black lipstick for you. Come and see!

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5 best black lipsticks to have in your make up kit

Are you missing that item in your makeup kit? Do not worry! Below, you’ll find the best black lipsticks with a price scale, their advantages and what bloggers have to say about them. Check out:

1. Black Colormake Lipstick – $

This creamy lipstick fills the lips with intense pigmentation, making it ideal for artistic or casual looks.

“Pigmentation is great and, in the first pass, the color is already closed, without flaws. It is very easy to iron and has a dry finish, but it is not matte. With a little translucent powder on top, it completely mattifies. ” – Bruna Carolina dos Santos

2. Koloss Eclipse lipstick – $$

Koloss Lipsticks provide beautiful, long-lasting color lips. It is a maxi-moisturizing product, with excellent fixation, which ensures uniform coverage and makes your mouth more prominent and attractive.

“The lipstick is very creamy and slips on the lips, a little bit boring to pass. The color is not extremely strong and has a nice shine, which I liked, because I didn’t want that ‘I put eye pencil in my mouth’ effect. ” – Bruna Carolina dos Santos

3. Black Vult lipstick color 25 – $$$

The black tone of Vult is a lipstick with a creamy texture, intense colors and has a very high coverage.

“I thought it has an easy application, I like its packaging, I like the value it has […]. It has a nice durability, it just doesn’t last anymore because it’s not matte, you know, it’s a creamy lipstick. ” – Mayara Pereira

4. Avon Epic Lip Transform Black Lipstick Total – $$$$

The Total Black lipstick was created to transform other shades of Avon lipsticks from the Epic Lip Transform line. You can use it yourself or create different combinations. It does not crack and has an exclusive primer formula, guaranteeing maximum color in the first application.

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“It is a transformative lipstick, it makes other colors darker.” – Mariana Saad

5. Lime Crime Black Velvet Lipstick – $$$$$

The product has a richly pigmented French vanilla infusion formula. Glides like a liquid and, on drying, creates a luxurious, velvety matte finish that lasts for hours and hours.

“We apply it on the lips using the applicator brush that comes in the packaging. As soon as we apply it, it gets wet, but it dries very fast and, after that, it becomes ultra, hyper, megafosco. ” – Tina Szabados

Cool huh? These lipsticks are excellent to mark a sealing look in your productions. Who loves lipstick, needs one of these to create that WOW card that shocks everyone. And if you prefer to make your own product at home, continue with us, as we will show you how!

How to make black lipstick

With some basic makeup items that every woman has in her kit, you’ll be able to create that unusual black mouthpiece. Check out the tutorials below and learn how to make yours!

Creating your own matte black lipstick

Follow the simple tutorial that Graci Pereira did to help you create a beautiful matte black lipstick. It does not crack, does not stain and has a high coverage. Do yours too!

How to make black lipstick straight on the lips

Mariana Prates brings a super tip for you who want to improvise a black lipstick to compose the look. Follow the step by step using lipstick and black eyeshadow. It is very simple and easy!

Make a black lipstick without spending anything

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Camila Carregal shows how easy and cheap it is to have a new black lipstick without spending anything. With basic makeup items – like black pencil, black eyeliner and black eyeshadow – you can have a wonderful gothic mouth. Check out the tutorial in the video!

Creating a black lipstick with glitter

Paulinha Paula will teach you to divar with a beautiful black lipstick with glitter. She used the black swan lipstick from Bruna Tavares as inspiration for the video. The result is impressive and you will need only 3 basic items of any makeup. Learn it!

See how easy it is? Now that you have the list of best black lipsticks and the tutorials to create your own black sealer at home, check out the inspirations that we have separated for you. Maybe black lipstick will not become your darling?

How to wear black lipstick and rock anywhere

In this selection of 12 inspiring images, you’ll see how black lipstick looks on your lips and how to use it in your productions. The idea here is to rock, isn’t it? Then, it’s time to get inspired!

1. A well-lit make-up for a very black lipstick

Nath Almeida

2. The double outline is the perfect match for that color

Nath Didone

3. And the glittery eyeshadow? Glow in the mouth!

Jady Mirelle

4. If you like a more artistic make-up, go with everything

Nataly Budaye

5. A white kitten contrasts perfectly, doesn’t it?

Thalita Jangarelli

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6. For a mega smoky, go with black lipstick!

Monique Figueiredo

7. Black lipstick lets you use any makeup color

Luana Souza

8. And enhances the beauty of any woman

Victoria Cruz

9. Combining it is very easy… Check it out:

Sabrina Rodrigues

10. And it also matches any makeup style

Josi Xavier

11. Is there a blue whip? Too beautiful

Djenifer Klauberg

12. Allow yourself to shine with black lipstick!

Jayme Neto make up

Did you like the black lipstick and are already evaluating the possibilities of rocking it? But, if you prefer another color, run to see the amazing combinations with red lipstick. You will look beautiful with any of them!

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