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There are several reasons that can darken the armpits, from genetic factors to habits such as waxing with razors or hot wax. However, the whitening deodorant arrived to help solve this problem and promises to uniform the skin tone in the region. Find out which are the best brands and take the test!

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5 best whitening deodorants for lighter armpits

We selected the best rated deodorants according to the opinion of bloggers who tested the products. Check out:

1. Avon On Duty Whitening Deodorant – $

Avon’s deodorant is formulated with anti-residues that help to gradually lighten skin tone. In addition, it has moisturizing agents that keep the skin soft and silky.

“When you pass, it doesn’t dry completely, but it doesn’t take long to dry. […] It cleared my armpits well, but it wasn’t immediate, it was like that […] from two weeks to three. ” – Érica Esteticando

2. Garnier Bio Clarify Roll-on Deodorant – $$

The product is indicated for sensitive skin and promises to be effective even for shaved armpits. It has active ingredients responsible for skin lightening and cell renewal.

“The product exceeded all my expectations, because I didn’t think it would achieve any degree of skin lightening. Of course, I always want more … I wanted the skin to be completely white and without spots, but due to the clinical reality of my armpits, the product passed the test with praise! ” – Vanessa Sial

3. Natura Roll-on Deodorant Aclarar Tododia – $$

For those looking for a deodorant that protects against bad odor, moisturizes and provides visibly lighter armpits, Natura’s product promises these benefits. In addition, it has a soothing action, reduces possible irritations and promotes skin renewal.

“The result is wonderful, my armpits have been giving a very good lightening. […] He has a wonderful smell, a baby smell and I am in love with Natura fragrances. I think it is very worthwhile, super cheap and works very well. ” – Jessica Nevile

4. Dove Serum Aclarant Renovador Deodorant – $$

Dove’s whitening deodorant promises to improve the dark aspect of your armpits in up to 7 days. The product is formulated with vitamin B3 and 12-hydroxystearic acid – which together prevent skin darkening without causing irritation.

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“In 7 days, I felt the skin on my armpit soft, hydrated and everything, but the tone didn’t change. Only after a month of use did the skin on my armpit get a uniform tone. My skin is very sensitive and tends to darken due to hair removal. And this deodorant has become one of my favorites. ” – Beauty Cris

5. Deodorant with whitening action Vichy Deo Ideal Finish – $$$

The Vichy Deo deodorant line promises antiperspirant action for 48 hours, effectively combating bad odor and lastingly. In addition to these benefits, the product has a whitening action and provides lighter armpits gradually.

“I love this deodorant! It holds the odor WELL and, in me, gave a great result in the lightening. A product that I am not without. ” – Maraisa Fidelis

As we have seen, there are good options in the cosmetics market to help you lighten your armpits. Now, just choose your deodorant and wait for the results!

Whitening Deodorant Reviews

One of the most frequent doubts is whether the deodorant can really lighten the armpits as promised by the manufacturers. Next, you can see videos with opinions about the use of the product. Watch:

Does whitening deodorant work?

In this video, you will follow a review of Nivea’s dermo lightening deodorant. Did the product show results in the vlogueira’s armpits? Check out!

Comparing two brands of deodorants

Vlogger Ju Romano makes a comparison between products from two famous brands and gives her opinion on them. Which of the brands presented the best results? Watch watching the video!

Powerful underarm whitening kit

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Natura has a whitening kit with night cream and roll-on deodorant to use during the day. With the combination of these two products, the brand promises lighter and softer armpits. Vlogger Mariana Dino tested the products for 30 days. Watch the video and find out if it really brought results!

Amazing results with whitening deodorant

The influencer Fernanda Santos says that after the laser hair removal sessions, her armpits began to darken. But after 15 days of using Dove Serum Aclarant deodorant, she was surprised by the results. Learn more by watching the video!

To keep the armpits clear and soft, it is necessary to take a series of daily care. Learn more about how to lighten your armpits, as well as the causes of browning, treatments and prevention!

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