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Makeup brushes facilitate the application of products. Among them, the concealer brush is great for helping to cover up some details like dark circles and blemishes on the face, but do you know which model is more interesting? Below, check out Damares Domingos makeup artist’s tips on the differences between each type of concealer brush.

Types of Concealer Brush

See below 5 models of corrective brush indicated by Damares, these brushes are her favorites and leave a great finish on the make:

Cat tongue concealer brush

This type of brush is considered a classic, as it is one of the most used by makeup artists and in self-makeup. According to makeup artist Damares Domingues, the cat’s tongue brush is perfect for “pasty and thick concealers, but it is also used to outline the eyebrows, because it has a thinning tip, making it easier at the time to make the corners of the eyes”.

Duo fiber concealer brush

The duo fiber brush contains “two types of bristles, a denser and a thinner and longer one” and is indicated to build layers of products. In this way, Damares indicated the use of this brush with “more liquid corrections for coverings and quick drying”. “It is recommended that the application be quick so that it does not dry on the skin and that the concealer does not remain deposited”, completed the makeup artist.

Kabuki concealer brush

Kabuki has “short and dense synthetic bristles, so it is indicated for using thicker concealers, such as contours, not for layering”. So, the makeup artist gave the tip to use oilier concealers with this type of brush because the product glides better.

Eyeshadow brush for concealer

This is Damares’ favorite brush, as it contains “soft and full bristles, making it use less products and improving results. Its application is made by tapping the skin to get a more natural appearance”. The makeup artist indicated mixing an oily concealer with a creamier one to use the eyeshadow brush.

Conical Concealer Brush

According to Damares, this brush “is shaped like a large pencil and is used to apply concealer all over the face. It’s soft, but uses a lot of the product.” In addition, she drew attention to the brush bristles: “the natural bristles suck more the product than they deposit on the skin”.

The makeup artist recalled that, before choosing the brush, it is recommended to think about what is most practical for you and the type of product. Thus, you can use the concealer on the skin without leaving marks, giving it a more natural look.

How to use the concealer brush and apply the product without errors

Damares also taught a brief step-by-step way to apply the concealer on the face. She stressed that it is necessary to analyze the type of skin and whether it is necessary to cover more spots. Look that:

  1. Sanitize the skin on the face;
  2. Use the eyeshadow brush for concealer for a more natural look;
  3. Note whether it will be necessary to apply the product all over the face or in specific regions;
  4. Apply the concealer with small taps to better cover the stains;
  5. Pass the base, also with small taps and that’s it!

This walkthrough is ideal for anyone wanting to cover stains. According to Damares, when the idea is to leave the skin lighter, the concealer can be applied after the foundation, always with taps, so as not to accumulate the product in a spot on the face.

Where can you buy concealer brushes

Thinking about buying a new brush to complement your makeup kit? See where to find:

  1. Americans;
  2. Cosmetics period;
  3. MAC;
  4. The boticario;
  5. Damn streak.

Did you like to know more about the use of this type of brush? Now it’s just a matter of choosing what suits you best. Enjoy and see the article about color concealer to learn how to easily cover dark circles.

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