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How to leave white hair is a dilemma among women who have hair in this tone, whether platinum or natural. Knowing this, we consulted a hairstylist and brought the best tips to keep the locks always beautiful, hydrated and with that white tone that we love! Check the instructions below.

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5 tips for graying hair

To maintain the white threads, special care is necessary. With the help of hairstylist Alana Diniz, discover the best ways to keep the tone alive and well taken care of your white hair.

1. Have a good tint


If you want to avoid a yellowish effect on the hair, to help keep it gray, it is important to use a good shampoo or de-yellowing / tinting cream, which are those that come in violet and purplish tones.

2. Avoid using sulfate shampoos


Look for softer options, as the white thread tends to look more porous and over-cleaning can leave you with a lot of frizz and dryness. It is also important to respect the interval between one wash and another, of at least 1 day, even for the tint to have more durability.

3. Don’t forget the capillary schedule

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Gray hair usually needs a lot of hydration and nutrition to replace vitamins, minerals and lipids for the hair. In the case of platinum, reconstruction is also essential, as it helps to keep the strands strengthened avoiding breaks.

4. Use finishers with sun protection

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The sun can either oxidize the color of a hair (fade or yellow), or it can cause excessive dryness in the wires, so we must not forget to protect them, not least because the lack of melanin also means less protection.

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5. Have a good finishing oil


It helps a lot to reduce the appearance of “hair on the hair” and already guarantees greater nutrition of the hair, especially if it is of quality.

Great tips, isn’t it? Now you know how to leave your hair white and well looked after! Remembering that the tips are valid for both whitish natural or platinum yarns, ok?

Videos on how to turn your hair white

Now that you have the information you need to keep your white hair spotless, check out some videos that can help you perform some procedures to revitalize and keep your hair in perfect condition. After all, white hair is all good!

Platinum hair step by step

Alejandro explains in this video what true platinum hair is and shows the whole process of how to make hair white in this shade, which is a trend. Follow the step by step in the video and see the beautiful result!

Tinting mask of cornstarch and gentian violet

Hairstylist Heder will teach you step by step to tint your hair and leave it with the white you want so much. He teaches how to prepare a tinting mask with cornstarch and gentian violet. In addition, it shows the entire application and the result!

Global discoloration with bleaching powder

The Hairstylist Costatto, from Cadiveu Academy, will show you the complete process of a global discoloration of completely dark hair. It presents all the products used and explains how to use them throughout the process. Check out the video to see the perfect end result!

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How to make gray hair platinum

Check out the entire procedure to get a grayish platinum with the tips of the Kert World. In the video you find the complete step by step with all the product tips used to achieve the final result that is beautiful. Come and see!

What did you think of the tips on how to leave your hair white? We hope you have answered your questions. And if you want a more specific shade, such as gray hair, come check out the tips for an impeccable result.

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