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Anyone who loves a tattoo full of meaning needs to make an appointment at the studio to get a beautiful lion tattoo on his leg! The perfect representation of power, beauty, strength and royalty, this design appeals to many tastes and styles. Want to know more? So, check out the following ideas:

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1. Are you already thinking about your next tattoo?

Eric Zbinden

2. So how about a lion on the leg?

Rafael Viana

3. Synonymous with strength and power, this design is more than special

Thamy Tattoos

4. After all, this animal is the king of the forest, isn’t it?

Julia Gadaev

5. And if you like something really daring, then throw yourself into this tattoo

Barbara Nicole Leite

6. Want to check out some of the best ideas?

Renan Duarte Tattoo

7. So start with something simpler

Bruna Klippel

8. Very delicate and with fine features


9. Those who like minimalist aesthetics can throw themselves into a tattoo like this

Julia Gadaev

10. Or so

May Delamonica

11. But if you prefer a very striking design then take a look at this


12. You can diversify in strokes

Junnio Gomes

13. And add several designs together with the lion

Тату Одинцово

14. Be geometric shapes

Amanda Muiños Art & Tattoo

15. Or beautiful flowers that go great with this feline

Bruno Vilela Sanches

16. Anyone who likes colored tattoos can abuse the shades

Tatan Martinez

17. And make the design even more powerful

Robson Marcon

18. The watercolor style brings a touch of incredible delicacy

Danilo Matos tattoo

19. But if you are very traditional then go for black

ᴀɴᴛᴏɴɪᴏ xᴀᴠɪɪ

20. That there is simply no mistake

Skylash Ink

21. Are Disney lovers ready?


22. So, just check this idea beyond cute


23. Classic, the Lion King marked childhoods

24. And how about perpetuating this love for skin drawing?

Emily Lynch

25. Have you already chosen the region of the leg you are going to tattoo?

Vanuza Manfron Tattoo

26. Not yet?

27. Think with care and care


28. Because the size and design will vary greatly depending on the location


29. Thighs are great for larger tattoos

Chloe Amber

30. Because it has more space and skin to draw


31. You can do in the front

Underworld Leandro

32. Or side, which looks really sexy

Maxwell Barbosa Rocha

33. You can extend the drawing and make it big


34. Very powerful, isn’t it?


35. The calf is also perfect for those who like big tattoos


36. The idea here is to perfect the design

Gustavo Cunha

37. And if you play in different models

Antonio Felipe

38. There are so many inspirations that it’s hard to choose just one, right?

Thiago Assis

39. And if you’re still in doubt, then take another look

Edislan Copque

40. Take a good look at your style

Ale Rodrigues Martins

41. And think about which tattoo will suit you best


42. Something more discreet?

Eduardo Santos

43. Something more impactful?

Buzart (boozart)

44. No hurry!

Patrick || Tattoo Artist

45. Make a conscious choice

Weviton Baptist

46. ​​After all, tattoos are forever


47. So, opt for a very nice design

Wersander Tattoo Art

48. And that conveys the whole idea of ​​a lion’s strength


49. Because within you there is already this force

Janaina Selum

50. All that’s left is to eternalize on the skin

Amanda Muiños Art; tattoo

How about taking the opportunity to make another very feline tattoo? Check out these female tiger tattoos and play!

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