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If you want to upgrade the look without daring too much, a medium haircut may be what you need. With shoulder-length strands, this type of cut is well accepted in any type of hair – from straight to curly and straight to peaked. Look at the selection of inspirations below and take the test:

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50 medium haircut photos to adhere to without fear

With versatility that will surprise you, medium length cuts are the darlings of the moment. Check out!

1. The medium haircut is modern

Jakelyne Oliveira

2. And it has unrivaled versatility

Luise von Finckh

3. It matches any face


4. It’s a peak show

Miley Cyrus

5. Or with bangs

Selena Gomez

6. Contemplate the blondes

Marcos Proença Hairdressers

7. The brunettes

Estela Newbold

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8. And the fans of colored hair


9. But let’s talk about medium curly hair

Sarah Oliveira

10. Cuts enhance curls

AREA 1 6 1

11. And they can be quite varied


12. From a simple cut

Hair’s Hair Peluqueria

13. Even a more elaborate one

Rodrigo Araújo

14. This hair style is a show!

Bruna Evely

15. The medium straight haircut is not left behind either

Camila Coelho

16. It brings an air of elegance

Elisabeth Moss

17. Of modernity


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18. And sensuality

Bruna Marquezine

19. Everything together and in the right measure!

Salt Salcedo

20. In addition to being practical

francis lola

21. And make you even more powerful!

AREA 1 6 1

22. And since the subject is power…

Gloria Maria

23. How about this medium and curly haircut?

André Scavazza

24. Looks amazing with lights on the ends

Sheron Menezzes

25. Split in half

Michelle Obama

26. With bangs


27. Or the famous black power

Victoria Esteves

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28. Another trend that has no error is fringes

Hiro Hair

29. Which are appearing more and more

Mariana Andrade Peixoto

30. Mainly combined with medium length

Salt Salcedo

31. Matches curls

Hair’s Hair Peluqueria

32. Layers

AREA 1 6 1

33. And even the side bangs are awesome!

Maya Klassmann

34. But you can dare in the visual too

AREA 1 6 1

35. And parade around with a frayed cut

Jayne Edo Salon

36. Speaking of which, the medium peaked haircut is awesome!

Salt Salcedo

37. In addition to being VERY modern and with an urban footprint

Jayne Edo Salon

38. And if Moderna is your second name, how about this style here?

Rodrigo Araújo

39. Hair shaved on the side is surreal with this cut

Bruna Evely

40. But it’s okay to follow the basic line

Hair’s Hair Peluqueria

41. It is even a cut that values ​​even the romantic ones on duty

Vic Ceridono

42. And beauty is independent of hair color

Maya Klassmann

43. The shape of the face


44. Wire type

Hiro Hair

45. Just be sure …

Maya Klassmann

46. ​​With a medium haircut

Maya Klassmann

47. You will be MA-RA-VI-LHO-SA

Maya Klassmann

48. And totally radiant!

AREA 1 6 1

49. Now, just choose the best cut

Bruna Evely

50. And rock the locks around!

André Scavazza

It is impossible not to fall in love with at least ALL the inspirations above, right?

How to do medium haircut

Are you curious to know how to get to medium length? Look at the videos and reports below and answer your questions:

Getting a haircut at home (with help)

Estela Newbold shows the whole process of cutting hair at home. However, she did not do it alone: ​​a second person helped her to make the result more accurate. It’s worth checking if you have that friend who knows how to handle the scissors!

Cutting hair alone

The tips at Namie go to those more courageous and daring women who want to risk cutting their locks without help from anyone. It shows the whole process. Good luck!

Medium cut for curly hair

Hello, curly! You can also take a chance on scissors with Mayse’s tips. It is worth checking the step by step, as the result is a spectacle!

And now, for you to rock even more with your new haircut, check out the best hairstyles for medium hair!

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