50 photos that show the beauty of this shade


Gabriela Franca

By Juliana Almeida

On April 21, 2001

Lilac nails carry beauty, harmony and delicacy. Lilac is a color that represents awareness, intuition and spirituality. So, if you want a color that carries these meanings in your hands, lilac is there for that! Discover 50 nail inspirations in this shade and learn 3 simple and practical decorations with tutorial videos.

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50 photos of lilac nails for very delicate hands

Ready to fall in love and find your favorite lilac nail? In the sequence, you will check not only the different shades of this color for the nails, but also, the great possibilities of decoration that it can provide.

1. They have a sweet air

Giu and the enamels

2. And make any woman’s nails look amazing

Claudia Bellas Nails

3. Lilac nails are really beautiful

Jessi Fernandes

4. You can use it at any time

Cris Oliveira

5. Any day and time

Giu and the enamels

6. Whether with simple decor or not

Claudia Bellas Nails

7. Use and abuse the lilac that makes you happy

Giu and the enamels

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8. This shade will leave your hands with a kind touch

Nail Life

9. And you can combine it with different decorations

Fernanda Barbosa Nails

10. Lilac combines with different arts

Thaylla Nails

11. And you can combine them as you wish

Nail Life

12. Look at this nail polish, that’s all!

Nail Life

13. It was what you were looking for, right, friend?

Sabrina Garcia

14. Nude tint supercombines with lilac

Carla Daniely Nails

15. And if you like glitter, go for it

Grazzi Nails

16. This color favors any decoration in an only child

Mari Bernucci

17. And she’s just waiting for you to use it

Samy Nails

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18. Feel the femininity that lilac nails carry

Nélire Felix

19. Unleash the mermaid in you as a nail decoration

Amanda nails

20. Don’t be afraid to try different nail arts

Samy Nails

21. And show everything you are on your nails

Thaís Kenia

22. Small stones enhance the beauty of your hands

Studio Elo Nails

23. Especially when mixed in a very light lilac

Adriana Martins

24. Lilac nails are really charming

Leticia Nails

25. And they will make all the difference in your hands

Suellen Rosa

26. It awakens lightness and tranquility

Gabriella Felix

27. While it can awaken a lot of glamor

Lih Nails

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28. On the feet, they also look wonderful

Dai’s nails

29. And it doesn’t matter what tone it is and what decoration you use

Karol nail polishes

30. Lilac nails will always make you magnificent

Dona Joana

31. It is a color that combines with white tones

Iara Nails

32. But you can combine it with any color you want

Tainara Anita

33. The important thing is that you feel good

Adriele Zamonelo

34. And that you can dare in your creativity

Debora Siriani

35. Because the more original your nail gets, the better

Ingrid Nail

36. Feel very powerful with lilac nails

Nayara Venancio

37. Use this color to awaken your intuition

Amanda Neves

38. To align your conscience

Bruna Zoratti

39. And above all, to feel like a woman of power

Adriana Fróes

40. Short nails also accept lilac, see?

Yas Designer

41. You are the one who has to accept it before using it

Lih Nails

42. And surrender to the beauty that it brings to the nails

Lih Nails

43. Use it with holographic effect

Lih Nails

44. With a lot of glitter of different colors and shapes

Mony Pretah

45. Use it however you want and when you want

Dayane Gleice

46. ​​But, woman, be sure to try the essence of lilac nails

Yanka Ferraz

47. Even if it’s just a small piece of nail

Alessa Cauwilla

48. Gather everything you love about your lilac nails

Ka Viana

49. And let yourself feel like you own the world

Amanda Lopes

50. The one who found her favorite lilac

Andressa Vieira

Did you enjoy the inspirations of lilac nails? I bet some of them sparked love in your heart. This simple shade deserves to be in your hands and, therefore, in the next topic you will check out 3 videos that teach you how to create beautiful decorated lilac nails.

How to make lilac nails

With all the previous tips it is even difficult to choose a single decoration with lilac to use, right? But if you are looking for practical and easy ideas, check out the next 3 tutorial videos and have charming nails with shades of lilac.

Create beautiful nails in shades of lilac

Maiane will show you the used nail polishes and will also give you the special formulas on how to acquire this cute and full of decorations nail. Check out the video for all the tips to have this beautiful nail in lilac tones.

Lilac nails with fun decoration

Learn how to create this beautiful enamel with lilac enamel! Francine will give you all the tips and secrets to reach this fun and beautiful end result. Want to learn? Come see the video.

Lilac nails decorated with glitter

Samy brings a simple and practical tutorial on lilac nails with glitter decoration on her only daughter. Throughout the video she explains everything you need to know about this nail polish and offers several valuable tips.

Did you like the lilac nail tips? Do not waste time and go to make yours even more beautiful with that hue. And if you’re looking for ideas of other colors for your beloved nails, check out the blue nail polish tips and be even more surprised.

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