50 photos that will convince you to change your look


Nina Gabriella

Are you thinking of changing your look? So invest in these dyed curly hair ideas. Whatever your style, some of these inspirations will be your face. You can save the photo to go to the salon or paint at home with the help of the tutorials at the end of the article. Unmissable!

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50 pictures of curly hair dyed for all types of women

There’s nothing better than making some highlights or adding a splash of color to your hair. It’s good to change and your curls will be even more amazing. Check out:

1. Colored curly hair raises the bar for any look


2. It will make your hair much more interesting

Tiere Christyan

3. You can invest in a more sophisticated tone


4. Or abuse the colorful universe

Yella Bambi

5. You can illuminate with some lights

Camila Vieira

6. Or dye your hair all over

Daiane Fercine

7. Either way you will be wonderful

Sabrina de Almeida

8. Anyone with long hair will love this idea

Jessica Santini

9. A touch of color enhances the short ones even more


10. Bringing more charm to the cut

Carla Lemos

11. You can apply paint in different ways

Nivea Ferreira

12. The curly hair dyed at the ends is super high

Mari Alvarenga

13. It’s perfect for those who want to innovate discreetly

Nina Gabriella

14. It’s a great option to get used to colored hair


15. This style values ​​the beauty of any woman

font name

16. You can surprise with curly hair dyed underneath

Evelyn Lima

17. The effect is even cooler with the stuck wires

Lisa Barcelos

18. It’s perfect for fun-filled women

Rai curls

19. And if you’re not afraid to dare, choose the rainbow version

harmonie pierson

20. Combine your favorite tones

joemmy linette

21. There are so many cool colors that it’s hard to choose just one


22. You can dye all your hair or just your bangs

Meg Runs With Scissors

23. If you are looking for a more sophisticated image, the golden color is the right choice

Lore Souza

24. It makes any hair more glamorous

Jessica Norcia

25. And it looks even more amazing in the sunlight

Lais boy

26. Just find out which shade best suits your skin

Mathira Menezes

27. With this color your curls will gain more life and volume


28. You can start the transformation with small highlights

Lisa Barcelos

29. They are very cool made on the side

Ravelly Syntique

30. And speaking of modernity, how about this fifty-fifty proposal?


31. Or this beautiful gradient of tones


32. Regardless of your favorite color


33. There is a dye that is your face

Mi Oliveira

34. There is no age to embark on this adventure

Mindy Gale

35. The important thing is to have fun with your look

Jussara Cesario

36. It’s worth the risk. After all, ink doesn’t last forever

Ju Correa

37. Not painting the root will help you not depend so much on the salon

Raissa Galvão

38. So your hair looks amazing without needing so much maintenance

Gabi Lisbon

39. Blue is a color that harmonizes very well with black


40. You can mix different shades in a single hair

Faith Leilani

41. The effect is wonderful


42. Any hairstyle looks better with painted tresses

Averie Marie

43. It’s just a matter of unleashing creativity and tying it in various ways

Ju Reis

44. With this look you are ready for any occasion

Tiere Christyan

45. Short hair is very practical and full of personality

Nynne Oak

46. ​​Be with delicate lights

Rayza Nicacio

47. Or with colored highlights

Moorish Maga

48. Dyed hair enhances curls even more

Kays Curlies

49. Choose your favorite version

Jessica Andrade

50. And put this idea in your head, literally!


After these inspirations, changing the look will be an easy task. With such varied proposals, you can test some of them over time. And if you’re the one who has mastered brushes and paints, rock the transformation with the tutorials below.

How to dye curly hair

Even painting at home, your curls will look beautiful and you can still save money. And for the result to be salon-worthy, follow the videos step by step below:

Curly hair dyed blonde

Going blonde can be wonderful, but you need to be very careful not to damage the shape of your curls. Check out how to carry out this bleaching process with great health for the threads using bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide and paint.

Curly hair painted on the ends

This style of painting is very easy to do. The ink is placed only on the ends, making the application easier for those who do it on their own hair. An important tip is to use aluminum foil to speed up the discoloration process.

Curly hair dyed pink

If you’re on the colored team, you need to try this pink haired version. The curls will be bleached for 1 hour and then dyed a beautiful shade of pink. You can also adapt the tutorial to your preferred color.

Curly hair dyed underneath

No wonder dyed hair underneath is in fashion. It’s ideal for those who want to color their curls without daring so much. Check out how to apply the paint correctly to achieve this wonderful effect.

With the right coloring, your curls will come alive even more. And to put brushes aside and discover the power of scissors, discover valuable tips on how to cut curly hair to close the transformation with a golden key.

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