6 benefits and 7 amazing products for your hair


Coconut shampoo offers many benefits for locks, doesn’t it? See below which are the main brands and choose which one to use!

The best coconut shampoos to include in your daily life

We select the best brands according to the evaluation of people who have tested the products. Check out the opinion of bloggers and characteristics of each brand:

1. Coco Shampoo Nutrition Vini Lady – $

Vini Lady’s coconut shampoo has a high nourishing and moisturizing power, thanks to keratin and the active coconut oil. These ingredients are responsible for replacing lipids and nutrients that restore and strengthen the hair.

“I feel like I really clean my hair really deeply. […] This shampoo is very good, it fulfills everything it promises. My root is very loose and very malleable. ” – Roberta Hermes

2. Dove Coconut Oil Repair Ritual Shampoo – $

This shampoo is ideal for those looking to nourish and recover brittle, dry and damaged hair. The product is formulated with coconut oil and turmeric, actives that provide stronger, more resistant and nourished hair.

“As usual, Dove products always get along very well with my hair, leaving it soft, loose, light, hydrated and without volume. […] The texture of the shampoo is fluid and white. It spreads very well with a small amount and we can feel the softness from the first wash. ” – Dreams after eighteen

3. Silk Shampoo Refill Coconut Pump – $

The exclusive formula with organic coconut oil has properties capable of strengthening the hair. Developed with high power of vitamins and nutrients, the Seda shampoo promises to nourish and deeply moisturize the hair.

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“Yes, it does what it promises to do – hydrated, soft and very shiny hair. I also noticed a huge reduction in frizz and hair volume, [os fios] are more aligned and behaved. Yes, it is approved and I have already guaranteed a double reservation of the product. ” – Michelle Oliveira

4. Revitay Novex Moisturizing Shampoo Coconut Oil – $

Novex is always looking for the best natural assets to provide more hydration and nutrition to the hair. With the Revitay line, it was no different, as the products are enriched with 100% vegetable coconut oil. This asset brings more softness, hydration, protection and shine to the hair.

“The shampoo is pearly and cleans the hair well, without leaving your hair dry. It offers light hydration, one that makes hair slightly soft, but nothing too extraordinary. It’s good because with this shampoo you don’t run the risk of making your hair heavy or oily, since the hydration it offers is very light. ” – Beauty Wishes

5. OGX Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo – $$

The OGX Coconut Milk Nutritive shampoo gathers coconut milk and egg white proteins in its composition. These components have nutrients that strengthen and hydrate the hair.

“Think of a foam shampoo! My hair is clean, very shiny and flowing. […] It cleans the wires a lot, you feel your hair clean and at the same time hydrated, besides giving shine, the smell is very good! ” – Nina Magrin

6. Bio Extratus Coconut Oil Shampoo – $$

Developed with coconut oil, avocado and vegetable amino acids, agents that recover the dehydrated hair and that act directly inside the hair fiber. The product provides effective hygiene without drying the wires.

“The shampoo is one of those that I LOVE: very moisturizing, washes without drying, leaves the hair clean, light and loose without removing the natural oil. This is essential for me ”- Blog da Ana

7. Amend de Coco Shampoo – $$$

The product is free of parabens and sulfates. Formulated with 100% natural coconut butter, moisturizing vitamins and minerals that nourish and soften the strands.

“I already had a high expectation when I started using the Amend Coco Line and, even so, it surprised me! The result is even more incredible when I do all the steps: I start moistening with vegetable oil, then wash with shampoo, apply the mask with a little oil and finish with the conditioner. The hair is very soft, hydrated and loose, it doesn’t weigh anything. ” – Rabiskos da Mari

As we have seen, coconut shampoo has several advantages for hair. Enjoy and check out the wonders that aloe shampoo provides to your locks.

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