6 Simple Christmas Crafts That You Can Have Fun Doing

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Engaging in Christmas crafts is simply magical. Let’s assume your kids are always away in boarding school, engaging in simple Christmas craft is the right opportunity you have to share memories and also remind them that they are amazing.

What’s more? Your Christmas crafts can serve as both an activity and an interior décor.

So, if you need some fun and interesting Christmas crafts to execute this season, you are reading the right article.

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Whether you are looking for Christmas crafts for adults or kids, you should start with simple ones that you can easily execute with your kids.

So, we have a list and guide of simple Christmas crafts project that you can execute. We advise that you pick the one you are sure you can do.

Well, if you are the curious type, there is nothing wrong with picking more than one craft to execute.

To make it fun-filled, play some cool favorite music or movie of the year as you carry out the craft.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

6 Simple Christmas Crafts Ideas

1. Snow Globe Cookie Jar

Not only can this be used to design your table or mantle, but you can also send it to your loved one as a Christmas gift.

Let’s talk about the steps below:

  • Get a glass jar from the store.
  • Paint white dots on the outside of jar using a fine-bristled brush.
  • Fill the bottom of the glass jar with snowball cookies.
  • Buy small-sized plastic trinkets in the jar.
  • Place bottle-brush trees in the jar.
  • Include mini deer too.
  • Tie gift tag with a ribbon around the upper part of the jar.
Snow Globe Cookie Jar

2. Pinecone Wreath

This is the kind of Christmas craft that you can use to decorate your walls or the front door to your home.

With a pinecone wreath, it’s simple: Begin by laying the pinecone in the shape that you desire. You don’t have to follow any strict model.

Then, starting from the major circle, you glue each pinecone to a wire-like wreath. Note that you may need to spend on extra glue in case the pinecone is forming hard to line up.

Pinecone Wreath

3. Candle Cut-outs

Please, note that you will need a circuit machine for this. So, it’s strictly for serious crafters.

With the machine, you will be able to bring out the tree design format on white vinyl. Having done that, all you have to do is peel the design and attach it to the bottom of a hurricane candle holder.

Candle Cut-outs

4. Filling of Glass Ornament

There is no one-way to how you can fill glass ornaments for the Xmas tree. Some of the things you can purchase for this craft are bottle-brush trees, jingle bells, pine branches, artful feathers, and whatever signifier of Christmas that catches your attention.

Meanwhile, you can furnish the inside of your glass with white glue which you must shake for even effect or color glitters.

Filling of Glass Ornament
Filling of Glass Ornament

5. Chalk-painted Ornaments

This is probably one of the simplest Christmas crafts that you can spend your time on with the kids.

Apart from having to buy ornaments, the other items you need are chalk paint and a white paint pen.

Some of the things you can do with your ornaments are personalizing them with first names, your specific wish for the season, and special dates.

If you want to be extra creative, you can try out some patterning that will come out fascinating.

Chalk-painted Ornaments

6. House Ornaments

This is the most thoughtful Christmas craft that you can spend your time on and then pack it as a gift to say thank you to someone you care about.

The trick is to execute a DIY home ornament that’s similar to the architect of your recipient’s home. They are going to like it.

You can hire a professional photographer to take a shoot of their house. Cut the picture to fit another finely cut piece of cardboard or craft paper.

Attach together using double-stick tape. Around the base of the house, add glue. Do this to the roof and any other roof-like cover too.

When you are done, drop some glitters or fake snow on the top. And here we are. Done!

House Ornaments

28 Easy Christmas Crafts


 It’s Christmas time. And you don’t want to miss out on the chance to execute Christmas crafts with your family.

You don’t have to go overboard especially if you are not a crafter. That’s why we have selected six simple Christmas crafts for you.

It promises to be fun. Don’t forget to have some music playing in the background or one of your favorite videos on the play.

Cheers to a wonderful Christmas Holiday.

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